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The Italian prog band Hadeon, released on 2 December 2017 the first album “Sunrise” a work based on a strong melodic atmosphere experimental music.
“Sunrise” bases its roots in the nature of the human being, using music as a communicative element, Hadeon identify some of the disorders and illnesses that affect the modern man.
The guitarist Alessandro Floreani, answers to my questions.

Hi guys, I will get started by saying thanks for doing this interview.
Please tell us about the history of your band and its members. Tell me a little bit about each band member.
First of all we must say that we are really greatful for your interest in our work and we will answer to your questions gladly.
The band was born in 2014 following our desire to experiment and try new and more prog-oriented sounds. We all come from different experiences, musically speaking, like metal and rock but also fusion, jazz and acoustic music. The idea was to start a new project to combine all these styles. After several changes of line-up, in my opinion, with the people involved in the band at the moment, we have reached a nice balance.
Speaking about band members, i will try to be concise and trace a little portrait of the musical personalities of each one:
Federico Driutti, singer and keyboard player, is the band's most extravagant personality. His creativity in writing lyrics, vocal melodies and keyboard themes, makes him a great asset to the band.
Fabio Flumiani, guitar player, has a nice taste for melodic ideas and is always very meticulous on whatever he does for the band. His attention to detail and his diplomacy are essential for the band.
Gianluca Caroli is the actual bass player. He joined the project in a second moment but he has given an important contribution to the emotional and musical success of the songs. We love his deep sound which gives a nice flavour to the album, both ritmically and melodically.
Emanuele Stefanutti is our new drummer, with whom we are perfectly at ease even if our relationship has just begun. Musically speaking he is very prepared, competent and attentive. I am sure that the band's future works will gain a lot from its entry.
Last but not least is the writer of these words...that is me, Alessandro Floreani. In 2014, Federico D. and I gave birth to the project now called Hadeon. Let's say that I'm the main composer of the band; I bring the musical ideas of the compositions and share them with the others during rehearsals, ideas that we then develop and arrange together. Teamwork is essential!

Hadeon, Sunrise, prog, italian prog

Your sonority is described as Experimental Metal. Do you think this is the best definition? How would you describe it to someone that hasn’t listened to the band yet?
That's not so easy to answer. We thought to be doing simply some progressive rock/metal. If I've to be sincere, we have never objectively asked ourselves how Hadeon's music could be labeled in other terms, so we find amusing and interesting at the same time reading different definitions about our style and i must say that "experimental metal" is a nice description :). If I had to describe our  work and the music contained in "Sunrise" to someone that doesn't know us, I would definitely talk about the themes covered by the lyrics and about the fact that  the songs  can be seen, in our opinion, like a kind of soundtrack that accompanies the listener in a "progressive" and atmospheric manner throughout the tracks of the album.

The album “Sunrise” bases its roots in the nature of the human being. With which criterion did you choose this topic?
The topics covered in the lyrics of the songs have taken form when the compositions started to make sense to us at an emotional level. The dark, gloomy, dreamy and epic atmospheres present in our songs, led us to talk about the dramas and problems that man often faces in the solitary relationship with himself.
"Lightline" has been the first track we worked on; the alternation between heavy moments and ethereal ones that leads to the sinister and distressing finale, brought Federico's writing process towards arguments like madness and alienation. Given the potential and the great inspiration that these themes suggested us, we began to identify some afflictions and disorders of the so called "modern man" and we used these ideas as foundation for the other songs. In synthesis, this is the creative process behind the making of Sunrise.

Hadeon, Sunrise, prog, italian prog

How would you describe the band’s sound to someone who has never heard it?
Hadeon's sound is characterized by melodic research. We think melody has an essential role in the songwriting process cause its development through the composition is a determinant mean to highlight feelings and emotions. If I have to point out the characteristics about our songwriting, i must say that the absence of "standard" structures is maybe the most evident one. In building a song we rely on the melodic and, consequently, emotional flow, trying to avoid too conventional structures to follow more peculiar ones. In this flow, the melody, the emotion and the atmosphere are always at the center, to create a sort of listening journey. So if I had to explain Hadeon's sound to someone in a few words, i would say that it's based on melody, atmosphere and emotion.

Which bands influenced your music?
There is a very huge number of artists that influenced us, both individually and as a band. But if we want to restrict the number to those closest to prog music, I would say without a doubt the greats of the 70s, such as Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Gentle Giant but also the most modern bands, starting from the 80s to the present, such as Marillion, IQ, Arena, Dream Theater, Threshold, Echolyn, Porcupine Tree, Transatlantic... luckily there is a lot of great music to listen to and get inspiration from.

Hadeon, Sunrise, prog, italian prog

How long did the album take to put together from the time of writing the first track to the completion of the album?
It took some time to get into the right compositional mood especially due to the lineup changes.
Anyway, we worked on the tracks for a year (among discarded ideas and good ones), then we entered the studio and recorded them.

Of the 8 tracks featured in the album, which one is your favorite and why?
Well, I think I can speak for everyone of us when I say that our favourite track is "Sunrise".
Its a song that means a lot for us also because it completes the circle started an year before with the composition of Lightline. I still recall the emotion when we finished the album and we realized to have done it with a song perfectly suitable for such a task.

Hadeon, Sunrise, prog, italian prog

Are you planning on doing a tour to promote “Sunrise”? Will you play outside Italy?
That would be great, hahaha! We would really like to plan some concerts abroad or even a tour!
We are planning some italian concerts for now, but we look forward to play outside Italy in the future.

I really appreciate “Never Thought”, I think it’s a delicate song, a real prodigious one. Would like to tell how this song is born?
The song "Never Thought" speaks of a sad topic but common to many... it talks about the amorous disappointment and the pain caused by breaking up after a long relationship. I wrote it straight off and then arranged it with Fabio in a few days. When we came to the lyrics, Federico asked me to externalize as much as possible the emotions that I felt in order to make the words and the vocal melodies truthful and hartbreaking, and i must say that he has nailed it beautifully.

Hadeon, Sunrise, prog, italian prog

Italian underground scene is a talents undergrowth, in your personal opinion, why is so difficult to emerge? Considering how much changed is in listening to music and the huge musical proposals?
I agree, many of the bands that play in Italy (and in our zone in particular) hardly get chances to make themselves heard or even play.
I think that this is partially a cultural problem even if Italy can boast some of the best prog bands in history. It seems that almost no one is willing to invest or believe in emerging projects that are considered niche.
Because of that, the best thing to do as an emerging band is to look abroad.

Please share a final message with Pest’s readers. Thanks a lot for your time, I wish you all the best.
We would like to thank you for the questions you asked us and all the readers that will read this interview.
We invite you to listen our to album and to support us and the emerging music!
It's important to give a chance to artists and bands that have something to say.
See you soon and keep on proggin'!


Valeria Campagnale