Dancing Scrap, interview

Dancing Scrap, led by vocalist/composer Ronnie Abeille, is a really interesting and multifaceted band. Their second album "This is sexy sonic alternative iron punk" dated 2017, published by Agoge Records and recently reviewed on Rockers And Other Animals, really got my attention. So let's talk about their music ...

Welcome Ronnie and thank you for this interview. Ritual question: who is Dancing Scrap?
Ronnie – Thank you Valeria! Dancing Scrap is a dream come true. The whole thing started in September 2008 when I formed THE.MAIN.ATTRACTION. After a few line-up changes, just before a tour that was to carry us in Germany, I stopped the project.
In April 2012 I met Bobby Gaz (bass) and finally decided to continue the adventure with new components and a new moniker: Dancing Crap (now Dancing Scrap).
We signed with Agoge, toured the most relevant rock clubs in Europe, made two records and shared the stage two times with one of my favourite 90's band: Warrior Soul.

Two albums from the formation, which are the differences between the first ("Cut it out" 2015) and the second "This is sexy sonic alternative iron punk"?
Ronnie – I like to say “Cut it out” is a dark trip in a weird land. Some tracks are groovy, intense, obscure. Three songs ar not specifically mine, but I oversaw them.
That album's title means a detachment from the "London period", in which we were more pop-punk oriented. Cut it out is a cut from the past, a richer artistic way to live our music.
The latest album is less sharp than the first one, but at the same time is a step further, we worked a little more as a band.

Since 2012, the year that you built up the band, until last year, what has changed for you?
Ronnie – I got proof that your wishes may come true only if you really believe in yourself and you're able to sacrifice everything else. I lost a little of faith in humanity.
Later on, I finally realized that the time has come to work on a solo album.

"Yet To Come" is an absolutely interesting piece, one of my favorite song. I caught a mixture of both punk and industrial influences... that reminds me to Laibach. Have you ever listen to this band?
Ronnie – Thanks a lot! I know who you mean, but I've never ever listened to that band. My industrial influences come from Nine Inch Nails. About punk... let me tell you two words: Sex Pistols. They did not invent it, they defined it.

If you had to describe your music, what word would you use?
Ronnie – Absolutely free.

Tell me something about the writing process of "This is sexy sonic alternative iron punk” please.
Ronnie - I'm the main writer of the previous album, but when I'm not I'm involved in writing anyway. I always have ideas in my head. They start talking in my head sliding through my heart, I could even not mind them, but it was harder without!
As I said before, this time we worked a little more as a band.

To extend the previous question, how much of the album was in your head before entering the studio?
Ronnie – For the most part, it was all ready since 2015/2016. Some tracks were already played live.

In a balance between arrangement, lyrics and melody, which is most important to you?
Ronnie – Well, I think all three.

What don't you really like in the underground scene and music industry nowadays?
Ronnie – Brown-nosers and cowards, no doubt.

In your opinion, why new bands can't reach success and rise from the underground?
Ronnie – Lack of money, ideas or perseverance my dear!

That’s all for now. Thanks for talking with me. Feel free to say anything you want to say before we close! 
Ronnie – Thanks again Valeria. I'd like to say just be yourself. It's not that easy but it's worth it!

Valeria Campagnale