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Band: Wail
Title: Civilization Maximus

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Wormholedeath
Release date: 18/09/2020



Vocals: The Singer

Guitar: Kim Sletten

Guitar: Thor Gundersen Drums: Memet Cataltepe

Bass: Anders Nesset
1. Down The Mountain

2.Endless Repetition

4.Through The Ice
5.No Hesitation

6.You’ve Got Nothing



9.Civilization Maximus


The Norwegian band Wail, known as ‘prophets of the apocalypse of the civilised world’, are back, after the debut album “Resilient” in 2018, with the new album “Civilization Maximus” containing 10 tracks of good heavy metal, sometimes echoing the nwobhm style, sometimes thrash and others indulging in prog. The opener “Down the Mountain” starts with such a heavy trash imprint guitar and then turn to a classic heavy sound,  in which The Singer’s voice brings me back to Bruce Dickinson's style but certainly with a personal style. Good riffs guitars and a convincing rhythmic structure, without forgetting to mention the catchy chorus. Screaming harmonies and brilliant guitars in “Endless Repetition” and same line of the previous track with  Dickinson echos and Maiden’s style but this piece is powerful and catchy enough to forgive the band this musical repetition. “Presage” convinces me more, more personal style and a slight change of direction while still remaining 80's style. Such a good drum intro and perfect heavy metal mood combined with an excellent vocalisation, accompanied by falsetto, as always guitars excel. A song that can be felt, definitely. The following song “Through the Ice” sounds more an admonition listening to the tone of the voice, which is already in itself the basic pillar of the piece, absolutely stunning guitars and the heavy mood in the rhythm is noticeable both in the drums and in the bass. One of my favourite tracks from the entire album, such good vibes. “No Hesitation”is another song with a sneaky feel, one of those songs that manages to creep under the skin. A very theatrical piece and certainly impressive, the voice is more suggestive and the music is reaching prog notes, just enough to feel a few lines. “You’ve Got Nothing” is reminiscent of the Maiden style, convincing for its power and execution, but not at the levels of the two previous tracks that have their own style even though some points of the piece are original and slightly distract from Steve Harris' giant shadow. Brilliant guitar lines and great rhythms in ‘Manherder’ for the faster track of this “Civilization Maximus”. Another highlight is the dark “Overwhelming”, with a decidedly more personal imprint that manages to show, in my opinion, the true identity of the band, a dark, deep and visceral sound. Great piece. Similar the title track “Civilization Maximus” with good chorus and this great personal style. “Overall” closes the album continuing with what I might call ‘Wail style’, as this is for me the real soul of the band, dark, rough and hypnotic.
 Valeria Campagnale



Through The Ice Lyric Video

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