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10 January 2021


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Title: Where The Stories Begins

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Art Gates Records

Year: 2020



The Prophecy



The Eternal War

Fire Blood

Am I

Drunk Dwarf Inn

Talisman Of Tears

Never Gonna Give You Up






"Where The Stories Begins", first album for power metal band Theragon, from Valencia, shows a solid work in nine tracks taking us into the magical world of Theragon. A complex album with epic and folk cuts.

"The Prophecy", a brief instrumental intro intoduces us into the epic world "Theragon".

"Blazeborn" with its passionate guitars, is a more minimalist piece than the intro and with a personality of its own, also due to the voice of Ferran Quiles and the good rythm section. 

"The Eternal War" has excellent chorus rhythms, almost militaristic and the epic keyboard in a balance between light and dark passages that remind me Raphsody.  Definitely one of the impressive pieces of the album.

Another good track is the following "Fire Blood", dominated by the double bass and drums, the brilliant keyboard and a few heavier riffs wich give the right power metal imprint. All this is of course enhanced by the choirs that traditionally accompany these stylistically solid pieces. 

Absolute highlight of "As The Wind" is the keyboard with the high timbre of the vocalist.

More theatrical in lyricism is the ballad "Am I" excellent vocal timbre, good choruses and rhythm line.

I've mentioned folk at the beginning of the review, we can fint this nuance in "Drunk Dwarf Inn",  a cheerful piece.

"Talisman Of Tears", in which all the instruments working good, starting with folk and acoustic intro, melodic guitars which become real riding passagges and the epic keyboard give the high atmosphere to the piece.

"Where The Stories Begins" is a good power epic album and the band shows excellent quality and potential, an emphatic album that will be appreciated by lovers of the genre.



Valeria Campagnale


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