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Band: Year Of The Locust
Title: Year Of The Locust
Genere: Hard Rock
Release Date:1St March 2019

1. Stay Alive
2. Line Em Up
3. Whispers In The Dark
4. Sorry


Scot McGiveron - lead vocals and guitar
Fred Serrell - bass and vocals
Peter Hellers - vocals and guitar
Raeshawn Greene - drums

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New York’s rock band Year of the Locust are back with this new self titled and self released EP.
Previously the band released the EP “Home”in 2014 and the full length album “Devolver” in 2016. Now they’re back with this EP Full of  best old fashioned way showing how much the band lives and loves hard rock.
Since the beginning of this work with first single “Stay Alive”, which features Troy Lucckette (Tesla) and Brian Bonds (Florida Georgia Line), the band show its admirable power with a good piece. “Stay Alive”
Is the soul of this band, and it’s perhaps the most emotional song of the whole EP.
More powerful is the following track “Line Em Up”, with shadows of  southern rock, such a perfect piece in which we can feel the wild spirit of Year of the Locust. The perfect hard rock without frills, a song in which you can breathe the collective imagination of the USA, the dust of the long American roads, a song that manages to capture the attention for the rather wild rhythm and the hoarse voice that gives those emotions that a rock song must give. Great bass line and ‘undomesticated’ guitars accompany a loud and sour voice.
The following track is completely different,”Whispers in the Dark”, the persuasive version of the band, a softer and more sophisticated line.The appealing voice accompanies accompanied by a music that manages to fascinate with an atmosphere capable of enveloping with a sound particularly sophisticated and intimate sound. Such an impressive piece!
With "Sorry" unfortunately ends this work, it would have been nice if this EP could still contain at least one or two more tracks.
“Sorry” it’s pure melody and great guitar, amazing voice with a deepest soul, just another good shot that marks the skill of this band, a song perhaps more intimate than the EP, an absolutely perfect song that manages to capture melodies and power, a sort of swing that manages to bring in a rise and fall of emotions.
“Year of the Locust” is an interesting rock work,  so, if you love a rock with both melodic and rough style and let yourself be inspired by the notes of classic rock made in USA, this EP should not miss in your collection.
Year of the Locust is a fantastic hard rock band like it hasn't been heard in a long time and there are few bands that can give me emotions and it's hard for me a group emotionally capture me at the first listen.  

Valeria Campagnale




Year of the Locust - “Stay Alive” Official Video