Band: Wolfen Reloaded  Title: Changing Time Label: Volcano records Genre: Hard Rock  Release Date: 22 June 2018

Band: Wolfen Reloaded
Title: Changing Time
Label: Volcano Records
Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: 22 June 2018




1. Amazing
2. Promised Land
3. All the heroes
4. A million faces
5. Frozen
6. Tomorrow never comes
7. Judgement Day
8. All hope is lost
9. Cyber Nation
10. New Horizon

Line up:
Christian Freimoser - Vocals
Wolfgang Forstner -  Guitars
Thomas Rackl -  Bass Guitar
Manuel Wimmer -  Drums

Wolfen Reloaded stands for authentic melodic Hard Rock with progressive elements, melodies and powerful choruses are one of the bands trademarks as well as the striking riffs and the emotional guitar solos together with the groove driven drums and bass lines.
Since the reunion in 2009, the guys from the very south of Bavaria have released the EP "Open Your Eyes" and played numerous support shows for giants like Geoff Tates "Operation Mindcrime" and the hard rock legends of  "Thunder".
With the new Album ”Changing Time”, released via Italian Volcano Records, a new chapter in the bands history has begun. Ten brilliant songs for this new journey into their music. 
 “Amazing,” opens the album in such a brilliant way, a title apt for a piece that can easily represent the essence of this album, neither more nor less, this band in its latest work, has given so much.
The follower “Promised Land” gives us beautiful guitar, such another well-assured shot in which the Mr. Forstner 
cleverly gives a decidedly huge passage with his solo. Chapeau!
“All The Heroes” sounds the perfect to the song just heard, simply beautiful. “A Million Faces” and “Frozen”, the first single released, are another more than good pieces, melodic the second one ut always with excellent energy in its sound.
“Tomorrow Never Comes”, oh, this’s my favorite song of te whole album, but obviously it goes without saying that tastes are tastes. Brilliant rhythms, as for the bass line of Thomas Rackl than forvManuel Wimmer’ drums , excellent guitar and the extraordinary Christian Freimoser’ voice. Catchy  sounds with a deep mood, one the highlight of “Changing Time” with “Judgement Day”, the other piece I really love, so classic rock into its veins.
“All Hope Is Lost”,
Another great bass line for  “Cyber Nation” while to end this album, the band chose “New Horizon”, a different kind of approach respect to the other songs, more modern style and fascinating as well.
In short, “Changing Time” could be interest those who appreciate sounds ranging from Modern, classic, and progressive styles, mixed together with stylish way. Absolutely to have!
Wolfen Reloaded are excellent musicians, professionals who have created a musical pearl, which honestly hardly these days come to find.



Valeria Campagnale


Tomorrow Never Comes