Band: Watershape Title: Perceptions Genre: Prog Self Release/Atomic Stuff Promotion Release Date: 12 Ottobre 2018

Band: Watershape
Title: Perceptions
Genre: Prog
Self Release/Atomic Stuff Promotion
Release Date: 12 Ottobre 2018


Nicolò Cantele – Voice
Mirko Marchesini – Guitars
Mattia Cingano – Bass and Chapman Stick
Francesco Tresca – Drums and Percussion
Enrico Marchiotto – Keyboards and Synths

01. Beyond The Line Of Being
02. Cyber Life
03. Alienation Deal
04. Stairs
05. The Puppets Gathering
06. Inner Tide
07. Fanciful Wonder
08. Seasons
09. Cosmic Box #9

The Italian progressive rock / metal Watershape band released the debut album “Perceptions”.
Founded in 2014,  The band includes members and former members of Arthemis, Power Quest, Hollow Haze, Sinastras, Hypnotheticall.
Watershape  was founded in 201, “Perceptions” is their debut album and contains nine tracks, whit A very personal approach to prog style.
After two singles released and some video covers posted on Youtube, the band decided to take things on the next level, starting the recordings of their first official album, "Perceptions", which can be described as a very personal approach of the artistic proposal shown by Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree. The title "Perceptions" reflects perfectly the concept of how different people can perceive the various songs of the album in a personal way, especially thanks to the different shades of moods and styles included among the nine tracks of the album.
The opener “Beyond the Line of Being” offers a dramatic mood with keyboards sound and a very vibrating rhythm, while the guitar is present with its obsessive sound. Almost near to a stagey music, the band shows its style.
More deeper is “Cyber Life”, an interesting proposition to listen a swing of different rhythmic genres ranging from hard to compulsive. and in which the voice reach multiple expressions. This track is one of the three highlight of this album.
The next piece is the softer “Alienation Deal” as “Stairs” in which the piano notes stand out, a fusion piece with jazz resonances and metal timbral.
Watershape do not cease to amaze us with “The Puppets Gathering”, this’s the second highlight, a hypnotic passage in which the band manages to take us in a sort of almost dreamlike journey. Great harmony and a good atmosphere, with the addition of a female voice.
The amazing “Inner Tide” remember me David Sylvian’ style, pure elegance and emotional sound, a perfect piece that sees a  saxophone as well. This’s the third highlight.
Totally different “Fanciful Wonder” with an aggressive sound, while with “Seasons”, Watershape transport us again into a space-time journey.
The introspective “Cosmic Box #9” closes the album, a thought about God and his creation in a crescendo of distorted notes and sounds.
“Perceptions” is a very good debut album, interesting and innovative.

Valeria Campagnale



Watershape - "The puppets gathering" Official Video