Band: WaterCrisis  Title: Sleeping Sickness Genre: Stoner rock Label: Volcano Records

Band: WaterCrisis
Title: Sleeping Sickness
Genre: Stoner rock
Label: Volcano Records
Release date:
Online Release: 27/04/2018
Physical Release: 18/05/2018


1. Check-in
2. The Hostesses Die Alone
3. Slaughter
4. Rotten Petals
5. It Drives You So Mad
6. Another Day Like The Others
7. The Void
8. Mortal Lien
9. Sleeping Sickness

Caterina Salzano - Voice
Francesco Coppeta -  Guitar
Antonio Castaldo -  Bass
Bob Godas- Drums

WaterCrisis born between 2016 and 2017 with this formation: Francesco Coppeta at the guitar, Antonio Castaldo at the bass, Caterina Salzano at the voice and Roberto Godas at the drum.
Together they hardly worked for the research of their sound inspired by bands as Kyuss, Black Sabbath, 1000moods etc. In 2016 the band come into contact with Volcano Records & Promotion Label that entrusts to the band an A&R, Mirkko De Maio, in phase of pre-production for the recording, In 4th May 2017, of their first homonym EP WaterCrisis, supported by the productor Alessandro Liccardo.
In 6th August 2017, the band takes part to the South's Ceyenne in Manduria (TR), openin' at the Lacuna Coil.
Between September and Dicember 2017 WaterCrisis record their first album from the title ''Sleeping Sickness'', release in 27th April 2018, evolving the ideas proposed into their previous EP, a more resolute and aggressive sound which better refer to the stoner/metal , musical genre chosen by the band, proposing a more mature product, confirming their contract with Volcano Records & Promotion Label.
The bottom line that the band want to express is the sharing of a pain, a discomforts, a sickness and the force to take their own ways trough the music to liberate. As a way to save oneself,  to turn up the voice, to impose oneself, to exist in the only possible way: lyrics and sound.
I'll be honest, the female voice in the musical overview hardly hits me or I like it. That said, I can safely say that that of Caterina Salzano, lead singer of the stoner rock band WaterCrisis, has come to bewitch me.
In fact, his voice is perfectly linked to the group's musical line and to the melodies proposed by the combo.
After the brief "Check-in" intro, here is a growing road, the track "The Hostesses Die Alone" and already from this first track, you can guess the sophisticated musicality of this album. Very good guitars and the rhythm that are the carpet to the voice, without ever hindering each other, a good dose of seventies sounds.
We move on to the next "Slaughter", a slightly different timbre, melancholy, and painful that reminds me of a mix between the first wave of indie and the good old and healthy dark eighties. Absolutely one of the songs I prefer of the whole album.
Not unlike the following "Rotten Petals" in which the voice is always very vivid and inserted in a context of itself quite natural. Even in the steps with filters, Caterina Salzano manages to maintain excellent quality.
“It Drives You So Mad” gives us a a more metallic and heavier sound, more powerful guitars and a decidedly more robust rhythm. Track different from the traces so far proposals that manages to combine its robust musicality with melodic passages.
A hint of prog in “Another Day Like The Others”, another interesting track for this debut album. Always present a very good rhythm and guitars protagonists along with the vocal line.
Another good track is “The Void”, voice and deep music, very intense interpretation of the song and reuslts as well as being so "sick", also captivating for the vibrations that is able to lay down with a brilliant bass line, in duet with the voice that gradually becomes intrinsic with the other instruments. Just another highlight of this album.
A return of heavy hints at the beginning of “Mortal Lien”, to then pass nonchalantly in melodic passages with the voice that ranges between the genre stoner, prog and almost with a bluesy characteristic.
Soft lines for “Sleeping Sickness”, an elegant ending which shows the facets of this band, a delightfully reusable mix that manages to embrace different genres, making it a unique piece of its kind.
What else to add except that the Water Crisis is a respectable band, a passionate debut album that will make stoner lovers happy, listeners without preconceptions.


Valeria Campagnale




WaterCrisis  - “Mortal Lien”  Official Video