Band: Wandering Vagrant Title: Get Lost Genre: Progressive rock Release date: 25th of April 2018

Band: Wandering Vagrant
Title: Get Lost
Genre: Progressive rock
Release date: 25th of April 2018

1. Human Being As Me
2. The Hourglass
3. Struggle
4. Forgotten
5. Get Lost, Part I (Fade Away)
6. Get Lost, Part II (The Hunger)
7. Home

Line up:
Alessandro Rizzuto - vocals, guitar
Christian Bastianoni - guitar
Francesca Trampolini - backing vocals, keyboard
Andrea Paolessi - bass
Niccolò Franchi - drums

Wandering Vagrant was born in 2015 from an idea of Alessandro Rizzuto (former Desert Rider), with the intent to produce progressive rock music characterized by a modern sound and strongly influenced by the great groups of the past, who deeply contributed to the development of this music genre, such as King Crimson and Genesis. After various changes of musicians, the line-up is completed with Christian Bastianoni at the guitars, Francesca Trampolini at the keyboards (both former members of In Tenebra), Michele Carlini at the bass guitar and Marco Severi at the drums. After a work lasted more than a year, the debut album “Get Lost” was published the 25th of April 2018.
This Italian prog rocker band Wandering Vagrant, presents a good album, a work full of atmosphere and a direct sound.
“Human Being as Me” opens this album with a simply effect of pure essential amazing music, in somehow this song remind me David Sylvian solo albums, just for the articulated musicality and the deep impact.
Absolutely different is the follower “The Hourglass”, more oriented in a fusion direction with ethnical imprint in some lines and with heavy sounds. Absolutely genial!
“Struggle” is on the same lines of the previous track but with a different approach, a song in which each element is well defined, bass lines, heavy guitars, offhand drum and a spectacular vocalize.
Another amazing song is the follower “Forgotten”, such brilliant as such deep, a good music in which the band shows its acoustic mood with a female duet.
The song “Get Lost”, is divided in two part, the “Get Lost Part I (Fade Away)” is an astonishing music that fluctuate in a up and down of dreamy sounds and heavy music, the characteristic of this piece is the slowly and peaceful harmonies that invades the soul of the listener and again, in my mind there’s David Sylvian style.
In the second part “Get Lost, Part II (The Hunger)”, the sound is deeply gloomy, heavier with good guitar.
Back to more slight sound in “Home”, piece that close this album, with an electro imprint for a  good closer, the right choice for this unusual prog album.
Bu as I’m always saying, bands should not be labeled and enclosed in suffocating and unique musical genre, just like in this case where Wandering Vagrant they deserve a place outside any circle. Hats off to this band that has managed to compose a very good album

Valeria Campagnale

Wandering Vagrant - "Struggle" Official Lyric Video