Band: Wallack  Title: White Noise   Genre: desert - stoner rock Label: Pogo Records Release date: 26 January  2018

Band: Wallack
Title: White Noise 
Genre: desert - stoner rock
Label: Pogo Records
Release date: 26 January  2018


1. White Noise

2. Anno Zero

3. 50 Common Years

4. Heavy Sighs

5. Dennis Hopper is Dead

6. Interlude

7. Indians

8. It Will Never Be

9. The Crossroads

10. Ulysse

11. The Day the World Went Away

12. A Giant Gutter in Outerspace

Fabien Devaux : Recording, mixing, mastering
Cyprien : Guitar, voice, Synth
Bertand : Bass, Synth
Vincent : Drums
Lucie : Guest voice

Created in 2011 in Poitiers, Wallack has refined over the years a massive rock and melodic coexist power, emotional charge, and ability to create a captivating sensory universe. The trio (guitar / vocals, bass, drums / vocals) pushes back the field of its Stoner and progressive influences by including synthesizers, adding a psychedelic and industrial dimension to their music.
Here and there, we meet Kyuss, Pink Floyd as well as Nine Inch Nails. With more than 30 concerts, including Mars Red Sky, Robot Orchestra, Ravens, 7 Weeks ... the band releases its first LP in 2015 at P.O.G.O Records.
In 2017 the group became quartet and released in January 2018 his second album "White Noise" followed by a tour.
The desert rock/stoner band  Wallack with this new album made a good work, psychedelic, industrial influences (see Einstürzende Neubauten), a few flash of sound in Nirvana mood, and a very personal creativity.
Just with the owner, the title track White Noise let us know the intention of this band, stoner rock with an electric verve in ichi voice and music are interviewed in a special gloomy atmosphere.
The follower track “Anno Zero” change rhythm and mood with good bass lines and brilliant guitars.
 “50 Common Years”  just remind the first Nirvana works, no less no more.
Great guitar intro for “Heavy Sighs” , that which continues with a gloomy mood, absolutely a highlight, and the dark atmosphere continues in “Dennis Hopper is Dead” , another interesting piece that can not fail to bring back to my mind the Bauhaus’ “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”…in a different but similar key.
A short piece for “Interlude” accompanying to the track “Indians”, heavy sounds, heavy guitar and a gloomy sound again, nice piece! 
One on my favorite piece is “It Will Never Be”, the sounds that pervade in this album recall the dark wave of the eighties, revisited as like this track with a touch of psychedelic sound.
Synth music sound for “The Crossroads”, just like in “Ulysse”, an industrial piece with melodies. Do not dissimilar the following “The Day the World Went Away”, just heavier and more rough.
To close the album, “A Giant Gutter in Outerspace” almost a glow that can be glimpsed after the darkness of the pieces proposed until now.
“White Noise” is a very good album where stoner meets grunge and gloomy sounds.
Absolutely to listen to it! 



Valeria Campgnale



Wallack - "White Noise" Offcial Audio