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Band: Vogue Villains

Title: Happy.

Genre: Alternative Rock 

Release date: 15 February 2019

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1. Glad
2. What The Devil Makes Me Do
3. Your New Skin
4. Ghost of A Ghost
5. From us, to Them
6. Low Budget Funeral

Lucas Antoni - Lead Vox, Guitar
Andrew Baskin - Lead Vox, Bass
Nate Cox - Drums, Vox
Nicholas Vanderschaaf - Keyboard, Guitar, Vox


Vogue Villains is an  alternative rock band from Canada, born in 2017, they have just release the EP “Happy.” in which we can discover the singular musicality of the group, made up of various influences such as Arctic Monkeys, Queens Of The Stone Age and  Billy Talent, but the true strength of Vogue Villains are the melodies that we can hear in the whole EP, melodies alternated with good harmonies, the latter hover in all the work, making it very pleasant to listen to.
It’s with the opener “Glad” that Vogue Villains introduce themselves, verve, swing, brilliant bass lines, a truly captivating rhythm for such a catchy song. The voice itself is well modulated, according to the mood of this song, in an up and down of notes that alternate harmoniously.
The band is able to collect several sounds in a single song, which sometimes vaguely reminds me the musicality of the first English wave of indie music.

Personally,  I find this piece absolutely brilliant.
If you are ever happy that someone will leave your life and you will be happy, this is the right song!
“What The Devil Makes Me Do” is a catchy song made of delicate riffs and a really good bass line, a tantalizing voice accompanies us throughout in this piece a little Red Hot Chili Peppers resonances; so also the following trace “Your New Skin”, another good song for Vogue Villains.
Three tracks that travel in perfectly combined lines, without tiring, but rather, capturing the attention to discover more and more this band.
“Ghost of A Ghost”  it is a song with a blues flavor, as I said, the influences of the band are different and can be heard mixed together, creating really special atmospheres. I really like these guys.
“From us, to Them”, a Marilyn Manson style start, in a softer version, for this song. The piece itself it’s interesting as the previous songs, but it’s probably the most deeper of the others. One of my favorite in absolute of the whole work.
Maybe the dark atmosphere that blends with a rock sound oriented almost to prog, maybe  the voice that in some places resounds suffered remembering even a touch of south rock, fact is that this piece turns out to be really very interesting.
“Happy.” ends with “Low Budget Funeral”, another good piece in which I can hear the 80’s band Lloyd Cole and the Commotions. A very melancholy sound for this song, which is however fun in its set of notes and vocals. Another great shot for this band.
Six good tracks for this EP in which Vogue Villains shows a very talented musicians, an interesting sound and catchy refrains, pleasant guitar phrases and a great mood, all 'packaged' with great taste.
I find "Happy." an interesting musical discourse, out of the classical schemes of alternative rock, out of any label you can give and it is precisely this peculiarity of the band, you can not frame in a particular sub-genre of classic rock.
If you like to explore new sounds, if you like to discover new interesting and very special groups, I highly recommend you to listen to Vogue Villains because they deserve a lot.


Valeria Campagnale


Vogue Villains - “Ghost of a Ghost” Official Video