Band: Visionoir

Title: “The waving flame of oblivion”

Genre: Avant Dark Metal

Label: Self Release

Release date: October 23, 2017


1. Distant Karma     
2. The Hollow Men    
3. 7even     
4. The Discouraging Doctrine of Chances         
5. Shadowplay 
6. Electro-Choc     
7. Coldwaves     
8. A few more steps
9. Godspeed Radio Galaxy (bonus track)

Alessandro Sicur - Vocals, Keyboards, Piano, Bass, Programming

Visionoir is the monicker accompanying Alessandro Sicur
, personal musical activity since 1998 and it became his alterego during these years. Alessandro is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist from San Daniele del Friuli, a small town in the North-East of Italy 

born to be an instrumental release, the album, during the editing, was enriched with the addition of ORIGINAL ARCHIVE RECORDINGS of great ‘900 poets. 

Interesting unconventional album “The waving flame of oblivion”, progressive work and as unusual is the music, is the concept itself. 
Total instrumental is the opener “Distant Karma” a piece that manages to capture in its own music, a different sound for the follower “The Hollow Men” a mix between dark and progressive     crossing the psychedelia, with a poem of T.S.Eliot.
Baroque intro for “7even”  that evolves into a interweaving of arabesque notes and psych music, similar sounds for the follower “The Discouraging Doctrine of Chances” pretty imprinted in the 70’s.
More harmonious is the instrumental track “Shadowplay”, light “Electro-Choc” with the words  from “Aliènation et magie noir” by Antonin Artaud.   
Another baroque intro for “Coldwaves” in which is magical sound cradles us in a sort of lullaby in prog version.
Darker track is “A few more steps”, Dylan Thomas’ lyrics from “The Lament”, a beautiful piece, halfway between a progressive gloomy and a harmony wave.
“Godspeed Radio Galaxy”, the bonus track included in this album, closes this album in a futuristic atmosphere.
A very strange work this album “The waving flame of oblivion”, admirable and different to satisfy the various musical tastes of the genus prog.

Valeria Campagnale




Visionoir - "7even" Official Video