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Band: Vision Quest
Title: Vision Quest
Genre: Symphonic rock / A.O.R. / Melodic rock
Label: Rockshot Records
Release Date: 14 December 2018


Guido Ponzi: lead and backing vocals

Marco Bartoli: keyboards, bass guitars, instruments sequencing

Emiliano Belletti: electric guitars

Part 1: The Kingdom
1. The Quest Begins

2. Medieval Hero

3. The Sacred Crown

4. Valley Of The Lost

5. The Eve Of The Battle

6. Avathar

7. Immortal
Part 2: The Journey
8. Evil Laughter

9. Eternal Love

10. Master Of Hopes

11. All These Years

12. Lost In Time

Bonus Tracks:
13. Dragons Of Tomorrow
14. The Run


Guests musicians:

David Putney: speech in The quest begins.

Silvia Saccani: vocals and backing vocals in Eternal Love.

Mirko Pratissoli: sax solo in Avatar and Lost in Time.

Ilaria Cavalca: piano in Avatar and The Eve of the Battle.

Stefano Riccò: acoustic guitar in The Eve of the Battle

Luke“Hollywood” Barbieri: metal guitars in Eternal Love, Lost in Time, All
 these Years.

Johnatan Gasparini: guitar lead in Master of Hopes.

Alfredo Pergreffi: clean guitar in Eternal Love.

Helder Stefanini: drums.

Vision Quest is an Italian project born many years ago with the purpose of conceiving a "Rock Opera" with melodic rock songs. The band name is inspired by "Vision Quest", a 1985 American coming-of-age drama film: the soundtrack includes songs from the artists of the "HeyDay" melodic rock era such as Journey, Foreigner, John Waite, Sammy Hagar among the others.
Background of the Vision Quest sound is focused on the melodic Rock/AOR music from the 80’s combined with a symphonic rock and progressive rock influences of bands like Magnum, Kansas and Asia.
Their monicker takes the title of a film released in 1985 and entitled Vision Quest and in the soundtrack he saw at work, in addition to Madonna, names such as Journey, Foreigner, John Waite, Sammy Hagar and God.
“Vision Quest” is an album divided into two parts, The Kingdom and The Journey, which tell the story of Orion and Avathar.
This work is an excellent work that shows a melodic rock with progressive parts, giving birth to AOR rock melodies, hard rock and precious progressive inserts.
From the eighties flavor in which pieces like "The Sacred Crown", the beautiful "The Eve Of The Battle", "The Immortal" or "Evil Laughter", are able to give us sublime moments catapulting us into a parallel world. Without forgetting the precious Mirko Pratissoli's sax in "Avatar" and in the amazing "Lost in Time".
More than a debut, it seems to all effects a work of eminently navigated artists.
The melodic rock lovers will not be able to miss a job so beautiful, passionate and very inspired.
The typical album that as soon as it comes to an end, you must absolutely listen again!


Valeria Campagnale



Vision Quest - “Evil Laughter”  Official Audio