Venus Mountains, Title: Black Snake
, Genre: Hard rock, 
Label: Volcano Records

Band: Venus Mountains

Title: Black Snake

Genre: Hard Rock

Label: Volcano Records

Online Release: 22/02/2018

Physical Release: 9/03/2018




1. Rock City

2. We Are Coming From The Mountains Of Venus

3. Black Snake

4. Down To The Rainbow

5. You Make Me Feel

6. Rnr Burning

7. Hammer

8. Jj The Cowboy

9. Wake Up Call

10. Walk In The Way

11. Venus

Line up
Frax - Voice & Guitar

Mick -  Guitar

Sexx Doxx -  Bass

Morris - Drums

Venus Mountains since 2009 played in all Europe through different tours in Italy, U.K, France, Spain, the Netherlands in 2015 brought its solid and devastating hard rock right into the United States where the band performed among other clubs at the legendary Whiskey A Go Go in Los Angeles.
The new album of the Venus Mountains will be distributed by Volcano Records & Promotion and will see the light in the early 2018.
Brilliant the opener “Rock City”, so 80s style with Led Zeppelin influences and Mötley Crüe attitude, a good piece with thrilling guitars and such a great rhythm, the best way to start this journey into their world.
The good rhythm continues to follow us in the follower “We Are Coming From The Mountains Of Venus”, a sound more heavier than the previous one, these guys have grit!
The title track “Black Snake” is another good song, the catchy refrain and the bombastic guitars make sure this piece remains well impressed in the mind, good the bass line.
More into Ac/Dc chords is the intro of “Down To The Rainbow”, to introduce us in a song that triggers the eighties memories, if the intent of the band was this, with me they succeeded!
As every rock album, here the semi ballad “You Make Me Feel”, good voice, just like in the other pieces as well, a moment of peace with a female duet. Unlucky I’m not a ballad addicted, that’s why I can’t appreciated this piece at all, but musically I can say it’s pretty good in its genre.
The band back to rock with “Rnr Burning”, another respectable track with good guitar that highlights good musical capacities.
Absolutely gritty and powerful is the follower “Hammer” and to paraphrase the title, this piece is really pounding in its rhythmic and the interweaving between rock and metal.
“Jj The Cowboy” remind me the oldies stuff by D.A.D. band, I really like this piece, it’s energetic, fresh and slightly different from the pieces proposed until now, complete with a guitar ride. Good, good piece!
Another pause into this hard rock album, “Wake Up Call”, while “Walk In The Way” is a pretty strong rock piece that manages to capture attention, especially for the bass at its beginning.
To close the album, there’s “Venus”, Shocking Blue’ cover, nice shot guys!
Venus Mountains are ready to test your rock' n' roll spirit and they do it with a real brilliant album, a must have for every hard rock lover.

Valeria Campagnale



Venus Mountains - "Rock City"  Official video