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Band: Velvetfish
Title: Cocotropus Roseus
Genre: Blues Rock
Release date: 13th April 2019


1.  Help
2. Impossible
3. Dark Motions
4. Uncatchable

Krystal : Vocals
Dude : Guitar
Nick : Guitar
Simon : Bass & Back vocals
Gab : Drums

A part of blues, a ration of rock, a pinch of soul... Velvetfish will be able ton flow from your ears into each of your veins like a small agile fish and make you shake your fins !
Formed in 2017, Velvetfish produces a soul-tinged blues rock that will make you kick your feet without you being able to resist!
Velvetfish will release their first EP “Cocotropus Roseus” on 13th April 2019, a very good work in which the band delight us with velvety sounds and Krystal's voice which is a storytelling absolutely suited to the genre.
Four pieces that accompany us on a very delicate bluesy rock course, starting with the first track “Help” with its slowly intro and delicate voice. A pretty good beginning for this  “Cocotropus Roseus” and immediately captured the attention for its elegance, brilliant guitar solo and a taste of such good emotional music.
“Impossible” a little bit more  rhythmic, a good bass line and hypnotic sound make the song interesting by carrying on a passionate musical plot in its course halfway between a classic blues and a rock rhythm.
“Dark Motions”  continues the musical path of the previous song, a little further away but still manages to continue an interesting discourse.
“Uncatchable”, closing track, shows the most solid soul of the band, you read more aggressive, in the limit of the genre, that with a solid rhythm and more aggressive guitars accompanied by the persuasive voice, make the track absolutely brilliant.


Valeria Campagnale