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Band: Vain Vipers
Title: Vain Vipers
Genre: Glam/Hair/Sleaze Metal
Label: Volcano Records
Release Date: 22 March 2019


1. I Hate You
2. Bitch Please (Shut Up)
3. Kissy Doll
4. Lost In Your Eyes
5. Let's Party
6. Reach Me In The Dark Side
7. 80's Whore
8. Devil Is Waiting
9. Rock 'n' Roll
10. Weeping

Mick - Voice
Wild - Guitars / Back Vocals
Scott - Bass Guitar/ Back Vocals
Aaron - Drums

After listening to the singles "Lost In Your Eyes" and "Kissy Doll", which largely anticipated the album, I was really curious to hear this work of the Italian glam-rock band Vain Vipers and good glamster, I admit they won me over the first time I listened.
In this self-titled album, nothing is missing at all: grit, enthusiasm, great voice, thrilling guitars, a good dose of rhythm, a crackling colorful record.
Formed in 2013 by Scott and Wild (ex Cryin’ Angels). In the spring of 2016, after several lineup changes, they finally found their current singer: Mick (ex Sex for Cash and Shabby Trick, currently in Crying Steel) and in early 2017, their drummer, Aaron.
In May 2017, the single "Lost in Your Eyes," was finally released, and with it their first music video, while on 2018 started their first LP, recorded entirely at Roberto Priori's Pri-Studio and this album is finally out via Volcano Records.
It's "I Hate You" to open "Vain Vaipers", with a very intense guitar intro, an almost epic beginning that turns into an energetic hair metal, the old-fashioned Mötley Crüe style to give an example, much more personal and fresher but the best is yet to come because this album is really blown up.
Super catchy is the following “Bitch Please (Shut Up)”, excellent both the rhythms and the voice and obviously with a guitar that reminds me of the style of Mick Mars.
Choirs that wink at the eighties sounds and then very catchy, a piece so easy that it can stay in mind from the first listening.
“Kissy Doll”, is a nice glam-rock piece always in American style, because obviously the matrix of this genre is purely made in U.S.A. An alternation of choirs, scratching guitars, a powerful voice that is at the same time melodic and the rhythm that does not lose a beat.
“Lost In Your Eyes” is the unmissable power ballad, first single of the band dated 2017, more melodic and soft tones for this song that dampen the energy of Vain Vipers and then give us again a spectacular song, worthy of the first Poison or Danger Danger.
I'm talking about “Let’s Party” in which the guitar riffs return aggressive, the voice resumes the tones of the opening tracks, the rhythmic section bursts out. Great piece of glam rock.
Still so much healthy heavy hard rock for the following track “Reach Me In The Dark Side” another piece that can aim at the target with a very respectable hair metal.
Similar is “80’s Whore”, one of my favorite pieces of this work with those catchy choruses, an almost punk attitude, the unsheathed guitars and the typical 80's rock irreverence.
 Don’t dampen the tones in "Devil Is Waiting", the band has thrown all its charge in this album. Go-go guitars and a guessed rhythm make this song a good ‘business card’ too.
If the whole load of the previous songs were not enough, there is "Rock 'N' Roll" that doesn't avoid to make its way, always with the same power and with a purely catchy sound, is insidious in the mind.
With "Weeping", I was expecting another explosive and gritty song and instead no, it's a sweet power ballad that puts quiet after the musical storm.
“Vain Vipers” is the perfect album to represent together with other Italian bands, that we have great musicians who don't miss anything compared to the big names of the rock firmament.
The Vain Vipers have laid the foundations for a long glam sleaze journey of colors, glitter and lots of music.
If you love this genre this album is highly recommended.

Valeria Campagnale



Vain Vipers - “Kissy Doll”  Official Video