U. Pasanen Band, Long long Way, review, rockers and oter animals

Band: U. Pasanen Band
Title: Long Long Way
Genre: Blues/Funk/Soul Rock
Release date: 7 December 2018


Seppo "Ukko" Pasanen - Guitar
Joonas Pasanen - Guitar
Harri Häkkinen - Voice
Juha-Antti Helama - Bass
Asko Vikki - Drums

1. Compi Coupé
2. This is the End
3. Little One
4. Sons and Fathers
5. The Bond
6. John Bone & The Bonebags
7. Silent Man
8. Some Just Know
9. September Girl
10. Born Like This
11. Superman
12. A Toast to the Players

“Long Long Way” is the third full length album, I admit my ignorance, saying that is the first I listen to this band and it is a pleasure discovery.
The band come rom the Finnish blues/soul rock band U. Pasanen Band and it continues the band's original sound that combine strong melancholic blues sound to the soul/funk groove and the roughness of rock music. Occasionally you may find even psychedelic blues moods.
The original sound of U. Pasanen Band builds on the tight guitar sound by Seppo "Ukko" Pasanen and his son Joonas Pasanen combined to groove created by the bass player Juha-Antti Helama and the drummer Asko Vikki.
The blues influences are pretty clear and the whole work is a perfect combination between a funky blues and rock.
Twelves songs in which U. Pasanen Band shows worth musicians since the opener “Compi Coupé” we can breath the soul of the band.
It's not far behind “This is the End”  with such a brilliant bass line and the country atmosphere, or “Sons and Fathers”. Enchanting the song “The Bond” with its soul heart, great guitar in this piece.
So good also  “John Bone & The Bonebags”, great rhythm and such a good voice, brilliant piece.
“Some Just Know” reminds a lot “These Boots Are For Walking”  since its beginning but it’s ok, this song is so catchy and brilliant and U. Pasanen Band continues with their soul in this very pleasant album.
Brilliant “Born Like This£ as well, but it’s with “Superman” and “A Toast to the Players” that this album will be able to convince you if you will not be able to do it from the first songs.
“Long Long Way” is such a good album with its heart and deep soul and after this record, I’d love to see U. Pasanen Band in a live show.
If you like blues and funky rock, this album is absolutely yours.

Valeria Campagnale