Twenty Four Hours, review

Band: Twenty Four Hours
Title: Close - Lamb - White - Walls
Genre: prog - psychedelic rock
Label: Musea - Velut Luna
Release Date: 25 October 2018

CD 1
1) 77

2) Broken Song

3) Embryo

4) What Use

5) All The World Needs is Love
6) Intertwined
7) Urban Sinkhole

CD 2
1) Adrian

2) Supper’s Rotten

3) The Tale of The Holy Frog
4) She’s Our Sister

5) What Use (acoustic)

Paolo Lippe
Antonio Paparelli
Marco Lippe
Nico Colucci
Paolo Sorcinelli

The sixth official work of the Twenty Four Hours, historical Italian psycho-progressive band, it’s
a double album intentionally inspired, to the four most important ‘white albums’ in the rock history: Closer - Joy Division, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - Genesis, The Beatles (White Album) and The Wall - Pink Floyd.
Unlike the previous Left-To-Live, it is not a concept album, but a collection of songs that embrace many stages of the band's creative life including ambient (Intertwined), progressive, with the suite inspired by Genesis's Supper's Ready (Supper's Rotten) in which the profound mutation of values, compared to those of the past, rock (The Tale Of The Holy Frog) and punk (77) is exasperated. In the latter, which opens the album, you will encounter aggressive punk atmospheres with echoes of the King Crimson, and a spectacular final battle with no holds barred between Hammond organ and Hendrixian guitar
The collaboration with the Tuxedomoon, multi-instrumentalists Blaine Reininger and Steven Brown actively collaborate on two tracks of the album, the aforementioned Intertwined and All The World Needs Is Love, respectively with voice and violin (Blaine) and Sax (Steven).
Twenty Four Hours give us two personalized versions of what is perhaps the most representative and well known song by Tuxedomoon: What Use. The first electronic version follows an umpteenth cover of the new pink floyd style Embryo in a suggestive medley with a strongly dreamlike feel, while an acoustic version with a battery with an explosive double box closes the album.
Adrian, the track already video-single forerunner of the work last June 25, with the complete band, strong of the presence of the extraordinary vocalist Elena Aletheia, already present on Left-To-Live, but to which on this occasion has been entrusted a much larger role as "Lead Vocalist" on the songs All The World Needs Is Love, She's Our Sister (Death is our sister) and The Tale Of The Holy Frog.
This piece is dedicated to the memory of Adrian Borland, brilliant composer, guitarist and singer of one of the most influential and unlucky bands of the eighties, the Sound.
As an admirer of the Joy Division when Ian Curtis was still alive and the records were vinyl, This Twenty Four Hours album intrigued me right away and I listened to the composition of the Italian combo for a long.
There’s to say “Close - Lamb - White - Walls “ isn’t an easy album, on the contrary, it is a very structured and complex work with simple sounds but which on the whole are able to obtain a complex result.
Often, music is not easy to explain, just listen.
The opener “77” is a deep vortex, you can loose yourself into the notes between dark and light, an alternation of deep voices and clear vocals, such a good bass line and brilliant rhythm section.
Beautiful “Broken Song”, so deep as well and more dedicated, intimate and with a velvety, almost whispered voice.
“Embryo” continue on the same style as the previous song, neither more nor less. A very good style
that manages to distinguish the band from the many that are proposed.
“What Use” remind so much Joy Division, and it’s clear Twenty Four Hours pay homage to the band who signed the post-punk era.
So interesting “All The World Needs is Love” as well, with the female duet  and which sees the participation of the two founders of Tuxedomoon.
“All The World Needs is Love” and “Intertwined”, covers of the famous  Tuxedomoon’ songs, brilliant pieces, nothing to add, listening to them is a delight for genre lovers, a jump into the past.
“Urban Sinkhole”  closes the first CD in a vortex that leads to the bottom of everything, as it began, the disc closes in the same way. Very beautiful.

The second CD it’s opened with the amazing piece “Adrian” dedicated to Adrian Borland (Sound’ leader), another introspective and dismal song with decidedly romantic veins. l love this piece!
The cloudy “Supper’s Rotten” reminds first Peter Gabriel solo works, I could say that with this song abandoned the characteristics of the post punk to bring a wave of progressive.
“The Tale of The Holy Frog” the more gritty song of the whole album  and with Elena Lippe’ voice.
Another good piece is “She’s Our Sister” manages to go from a semi-dark atmosphere to the funky, so, with nonchalance, just another brilliant piece.
The album closes with the acoustic version of “What Use”.
A great album, intense, intimate and dark, mixed with prog, rock seventies and lots of intensity.
Hats off!

Valeria Campagnale




Twenty Four Hours - “Supper’s Rotten” Audio