Troubleshot, Revive, Hard Roc, Metal, Self- Release

Band: Troubleshot
Title: Revive
Genre: Rock Metal
Label: Self- Release
Release date: 16 February, 2018


1 Revive      
2 Lucifer      
3 Unnatural        
4 Smother    
5 Let It Die

Rijnes - Rhythm/lead guitar and vocals
Bas - Rhythm/lead guitar and vocals
Frankie - Vocals
Kylian - Bass
Niels - Drums

The Dutch band Troubleshot was born in 2011, the band released an EP containing three tracks written by Rijnes. Together with drummer Spoor and lead guitar in Cut it loose by Slide.
In October Troubleshot changed lineip: Rijnes on rhythm - lead guitar and vocals, Bas on rhythm/lead guitar and vocals, Frankie on vocals, Kylian on Bass and Niels on drums.
“Revive” is the real first release from Troubleshot self-produced and containing five pieces in which the band shows exactly its style, various sounds embracing metal music.
The album starts with a stoner sound in the title track “Revive” in which the female singer Frankie is able to show her grit as the music is so aggressive with good guitars and rhythms,  the classical slap in face to show what the band is made.
Stoner again for the second track ”Lucifer”, less aggressive than the previous but always consistent with band’ sonority.
A heavy rock for” Unnatural” in which the music sounds like a delicious chaos of notes, more closest to punk, in my opinion this song is the highlight of this EP.
Good the follower “Smother”, male and female voices are intertwined in a music vertigo that doesn't leave breath.
“Let It Die”, ends this work and it does in heavy way, perhaps the best style to close “Revive”.
What I like of this EP is the different approach to metal rock music, in which metal, rock and stoner are mixed together creating a very particular work.


Valeria Campagnale