Trevor And The Wolves

Band: Trevor And The Wolves
Title: Road To Nowhere
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Nadir Music


01. From Hell to Heaven Ice

02. Burn at the Sunrise

03. Red Beer

04. Black Forest

05. Bath Number 666

06. Spiritual Leader

07. Raoadsied Motel

08. Wings of Fire

09. Lake Sleeping Dragon

10. Unforgivable Mistake

Trevor Sadist: vocals

Francesco Martini: guitars

Alberto Laiolo: guitars

Luigi Antonio: bass

Emanuele Peccorini: drums

Imagine the Ac / Dc, Chris Holmes, Motörhead and a bit of Zakk Wylde in a modern version with echoes of the past, this’s “Road To Nowhere”, the brand new solo project for Trevor, Sadist’ singer.
It’s a fact that music should be heard beyond the subjective tastes one can have, and it is a very pleasant surprise to discover that Trevor was able to compose an album of pure hard rock. Certainly the metal influences are perceived, but it could not be otherwise.
Technicalities, passion and crude rock for this album that manages to like me from the first listen, “From Hell to Heaven Ice” is the right piece to start this record, a piece that makes it clear. since the beginning both the quality and the mood that accompanies the whole work.
“Burn at the Sunrise” has good identity in its sound, Trevor could have various influences but his work is full of his personality. Hard and heavy rough voice. With this piece, Trevor gives a very strong impact.
The follower “Red Beer” it's not far behind and so the brilliant “Black Forest”, maybe one of highlight of this album, a very interesting cool piece of rock, with “Bath Number 666”, touch of evil in it, and as every Sadist’ fan knows, Trevor is quiet fascinating by evil stuff, as his lyrics revolve around this subject.
Good also “Spiritual Leader”, “Raoadsied Motel” and “Wings of Fire”, always so rough and crude hard rock accompanies in this virtual journey to Nowhere.
Absolutely brilliant “Lake Sleeping Dragon”, and “Unforgivable Mistake” that closes this album in the best way possible.
Several guests enriched “Trevor And The Wolves”, Christian Meyer, drummer of Elio e le Storie Tese, Stefano Cabrera, cello player of the GnuQuartet, Paolo Bonfanti, guitarist and bluesman, Grazia Quaranta, soulful voice, Francesco Chinchella with his medieval hurdy-gurdy, Daniele Barbarossa of Winterage with his bagpipes.
In short, a solo project very accurate and with that grit that should never be missing in a record of pure hard rock that really can not miss in our private records collection.


Valeria Campagnale



Trevor and the Wolves - "Red Beer" Official Video