Band:Tract Grave  Title: Sleazy Future Genre: Sleaze Hard Rock Label: Volcano Records Release date:  Digital Release: 22 March 2018 Release Physical: 5 April 2018

Band:Tracy Grave
Title: Sleazy Future
Genre: Sleaze Hard Rock
Label: Volcano Records
Release date:
Digital on 22 March 2018
Physical on 5 April 2018

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1. Cemetery Sin
2. Dirty Rain
3. Without Scars
4. Dancing On The Sunset
5. Freedom Without Rules
6. Make You Feel The Pain
7. My Last Goodbye
8. Over The Top
9. Piece Of Horizon
10. Return (Back In My Hands)


Tracy Grave - Lead Vocal

Mark Shovel - Lead Guitar

Enea Grave - Guitar 

Necro Viper - Bass Guitar
Hell Blastam -  Drums  (replaced by Hurricane John after the album release)

It is with personal pride that I review the new Tracy Grave album, this time Tracy returns with a band bringing his name.
For those who do not know him, Tracy has always been one of the hard rock, glam, sleaze and AOR's flagships, he began his career with the Hollywood Pornstars with whom he recorded the album of the same name in 2008, then with Lethal Poison. Two solo EP  "No Saint Without Sinners" and "Letal Saints". In 2016 he published the acoustic EP "Faith", which also collaborated with Joey Zalla of Jolly Rox, while working on the album "In The Mirror Of Soul" from which the single "Rise Again" was extracted and a video. In 2017 Tracy joins the guitarist composer, Mark Shovel and from this meeting, the Tracy Grave band is born. 2018 sees Tracy release the new album "Sleazy Future" for Volcano Records.
"Sleazy Future" is a direct work, that without frills looks like an album that recalls the sounds of the eighties, revisiting them and giving a personal touch to the genre of the golden years of this genre.
Opening the album "Cemetery Sin", the first single extracted from "Sleazy Future", is a loaded track that well represents the spirit with which this album was created, influences in full Bon Jovi style, those of the early times, in which the sound was cruder, Jon Bon Jovi, a figure that accompanies Tracy in his multiple vocalization.
Same line but in some ways softer, "Dirty Rain", the second single presented by the band, a piece full of sounds that alternate between melody and rhythmic hard rock, getting a mix that can be tasted in all its forms.
Very different the song "Without Scars", both in the choirs and in the refrain, its peculiarity is in the very old school guitars of Mark and Enea, and the rough and sour vocalization of Tracy.
Beautiful is the follower track, "Dancing on the Sunset" a real reference to the eighties, a wild song that recalls the style of Hanoi Rock and Faster Pussycat. The classic musical slap that inflames listening to it and that you listen several times in a row, one of the most successful songs of "Sleazy Future".
With the sweet "Freedom Without Rules", we open the chapter ballads, so congenial to the compositions of Tracy, the slowest song that I prefer in absolute among those included in the album, and that relives again the good Bon Jovi, a song that has not absolutely nothing to envy to any foreign hard rock band we are used to.
The second ballad "Make You Feel The Pain", in the same style as the previous one, manages to involve thanks to the warm and sour voice, and to the very classical style of music.
"My Last Goodbye", a semi-ballad with melancholic colors in which the bass of Marta stands out, the only female member of the band.
"Over The Top", third single extract, another piece that shows the true spirit of Tracy Grave, the most sleaze side, Another very gritty, powerful and robust song that, together with the intense musical charge, is the scratchy voice that makes it both engaging and extremely enjoyable.
"Piece Of Horizon", is the second semi-ballad contained in "Sleazy Future" and that does not disappoint at all, being definitely above some compositions that populate the rock universe.
You return to a much faster and more aggressive rhythm with the track "Return (Back In My Hands)" which closes the album. Yet another proof of how blood these Italian musicians are, in their totality of sleaze bands.
To conclude, "Sleazy Future" is the mirror of a kindn  of rock that will never die, as well as the eighties that have given us, fans of the genre, great satisfactions, myths and influences both musical and life.
Tracy Grave embodies all this, remaining an extremely professional and coherent character in their musical choices, a rocker who does not compromise and continues his head high, turning out to be a sincere person without contradictions and for this will always have my personal value.
"Sleazy Future" is the album that every fan of the genre must absolutely have in their personal discography.

Valeria Campagnale

Tracy Grave - "Over The Top"