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Band: Today's Inmates
Title: No Man’s Land
Genre: Hard Rock
Release date: May 2018


1. No Man’s Land
2. Black Forest Dance
3. Holy Wizard
4. War Paint
5. Law’s For Animals
6. Wise Man
7. Liar
8. Primal Land
9. Will You Kill
10. When You Miss The Sun

Mattia Rebuffo – Vocals / Guitar
Filippo Uberti – Guitar
Edoardo Sciandra – Bass
Matteo Borgna – Drums

Today's Inmates is an Italian Hard Rock band born in 2014, their album "No Man's Land" was released last May containing ten tracks influenced by the music of Soundgarden but especially that of Black Stone Cherry, an album that looks to the past, more precisely to the rock seventies.
With intense guitars and great voice, accompanied by a mighty rhythm opens this album, the title track "No Man's Land" is all this, the soul of the band, energetic.
Today's Inmates continue to energize the listener with the next "Black Forest Dance", a tight and powerful rhythm, captivating riffs that manage to engage and carry.
The Italian quartet leaves no breath, in fact with "Holy Wizard" continues to push on the accelerator and thanks to the initial riff and the continuation, this track is one of the best of the album, for its intensity and musical structure.
A heavier sound results in the following "War Paint", while a southern sound appears in the excellent "Law's For Animals", a song with an interesting theme that touches me personally, animals must be protected. A song that with its typically southern rock passes at heavier intervals, in a pleasant swing and with a rhythmic section that makes it particularly intense, another highlight of this "No Man's Land".
Until now the band doesn't give up the rhythm, it always manages to stay on the right wave and musically balances every single piece and this is only the fifth song.
"Wise Man" takes up that sound that opened the album, bad and rough as a good hard rock must be. Mattia Rebuffo's voice is always very good in any interpretation, and in this track, he manages to stand out intensely together with the sound of the guitar.
A powerful intro to "Liar", a track with very good bass lines and catchy riffs, and a closing solo, vaguely reminds me of some Marylin Manson style sounds from early albums.
Country southern sound for "Primal Land", with intro guitar very Bon Jovi style of "Wanted Dead Or Alive" that evolves then in another genre, more aggressive and powerful, while in "Will You Kill" the sound traces its initial soul that characterizes this band, rough and rough.
At the end of the song "When You Miss The Sun", bad, very bad, a song that manages to center again its intent, rock and even rougher rock.
“No Man’s Land” is a good debut for these guys, listen to the album and let Today's Inmates enter into your homes.

Valeria Campagnale


Today's Inmates - "No Man's Land" Official Video