Thomas Silver, review

Artist Thomas Silver

Title: The Gospel According To Thomas
Genre: Rock
Label: Volcano Records
Online & Physical Release: 23/11/2018


1. Caught Between Worlds

2. Public Eye

3. Minor Swing

4. D-Day

5. Coming in, Going Under

6. Time Stands Still

7. Bury the Past

8. On a Night Like This

9. Mean Town

10. Not Invited

11. All Those Crazy Dreams



Thomas Silver, guitarist, songwriter and singer, former member of international famous rock band  Hardcore Superstar that he left in 2008 to follow his solo career.
Here his first solo album entitled  "The Gospel According To Thomas" and released by Italian record label Volcano Records.
A surprising album that sees Thomas change the musical style clearly, if you're thinking of a glam sleaze record, forget it. Mr. Silver reveals a very deep personality and dark in some songs.
Obviously it does not abandon the rock musicality, far from it. The opener “Caught Between Worlds” is a pure hard rock song with an atmosphere that oscillates between the dark and an one of a Hanoi Rocks’ song, with a catchy refrain a good mood.
“Public Eye” differs slightly from the previous track, only with an addition of melancholy melody and the deep voice of Thomas completing the song and maybe for its gloomy sound, this p piece is one of my favorite of this album.
Sparkling and full of rhythm is “Minor Swing” while the follower “D-Day” sees again a sound more introvert, in which Thomas Silver’ voice remind me Andrew Eldritch in somehow. Just another great piece. Song accompanied by the video in which the late Lindsay Kemp appear.
Different is “Coming in, Going Under” in which the sound resumes a more rock mood and where Thomas shows his guitarist ability.
“Time Stands Still” sounds like a lullaby, between The Mission and The Cult resonances. Another highlight in this album.
Another good piece is “Bury the Past”, such as “On a Night Like This”two different styles for two interesting song, in which Thomas offers the best in the second one, with a sparkling guitar and in which I can hear Bauhaus influences.
Another deepest Thomas Silver in “Mean Town”which alternates a dark sound with moments of pure rock.
“Not Invited” sees country intro, rock and an intriguing sounds that make the song really catchy.
Uh uh David Bowie influences in the beautiful “All Those Crazy Dreams”, all can I say about this song it’s  that’s an amazing piece. No more, no less.
Thomas Silver with “The Gospel According To Thomas” reaches the top as for his vocalism as for the music, in a charming album.



Valeria Campagnale



Thomas Silver – “D-Day” Official Video