This Void Inside, review, My Second Death/My Only Birth

Band: This Void Inside
Title: My Second Death/My Only Birth
Genre: Goth Rock
Label:  Agoge Records
Release date: July 2018


Dave Shadow – Vocals,synths & programming
Saji Connor – Bass and backing vocals
Frank Marrelli – Lead guitars
Alberto Sempreboni – Rhythm guitars
Simone “Some” Gerbasi – Drums

Special guests.
Diego Reali (Hevidence, ex DGM) 
Max Aguzzi (Dragonhammer) 

01. My Second Birth / My Only Death (Intro)
02. Betrayer MMXVIII
03. Relegate My Past
04. Memories’ Dust
05. Trapped In A Daze
06. Here I Am
07. Another Fucking Love Song
08. Losing My Angel
09. Meteora
10. Ocean Of Tears
11. All I Want Is U
12. Break Those Chains
13. The Artist And The Muse (Bonus Track)
14. Downtrodden (Bonus Track)

Call it goth, dark, decadentism, melancholic or poetry, in any way you are used to define the genre "goth", the positive thing is that it will never have an end, even in its facets.
Beyond the most famous groups and those who created this genre, the followers are really many and after listening This Void Inside band, I can easily say their “My Second Death/My Only Birth” is such a good album.
Omitting the title track that is basically an intro, since “Betrayer MMXVIII” it suggests the enveloping and sad sounds that will accompany the 14 songs to follow. A bit ‘80s electronic echoes that make the song very catchy.
The following “Relegate My Past”, slightly different from the previous song that manages to keep the attention with some well-placed metal note.
“Memories’ Dust” with its intro vaguely Depeche Mode’ manner, turns into another catchy song with a retro taste but always fresh, I really love it with its refrain!
“Trapped In A Daze” gives us other sounds more linked to metal, with electronic interventions.
“Here I Am” again a vague reference to Depeche Mode and in general to the British new wave. The band does not break down in the slightest and continues with its elegance to maintain this rhythm of lullaby. Just another good piece.
As so good is “Another Fucking Love Song”, more pop than goth but succeeds in captivating.
“Losing my angel’, the following track has an intro so well structured to make believe to be able to capture a kind of spiderweb, but continues with a pop tune and even between arpeggios and velvety voice, can not capture me.
I can say that it could be an easy listening piece that could easily pass on the radios
“Meteora” it is instead a great song, full of pathos and interesting, corollated by a power metal that I must admit does not loudly abstain in this album. To note the presence of Max Aguzzi (Dragonhammer) and Diego Reali (Evidence).
“Ocean Of Tears” drums and piano in his intro, to follow the beautiful Dave Shadow’ voice,
A piece of a particularly intense and noteworthy beauty. Probably one of the best pieces of this album. A piece that manages to transport in a parallel dimension and cradle between its own coils, absolutely great.
Again 80s sounds in “All I want is U”  with great guitars, while “Break Those Chains”, continuing in the wake of the previous song, manages to stand out for a more accentuated and melancholy.
Of the two bonus tracks,  “The Artist And The Muse”, is an emphatic piece thanks to lyrical lyrics in Italian alternating with a sung in English, giving a high-sounding atmosphere. Seventeenth-century atmosphere for a song that is really more than interesting, exactly a musical experimentation like the undersigned, in short, I think this song is another highlight of the album.
“Downtrodden” on the other hand, it is an electronic experimentation that, although effective, manages to diminish itself compared to the previous track. With this I do not say that it is not beautiful but definitely less impactful.
Summing up, My Second Death / My Only Birth, is a more than respectable album, in which there are beautiful compositions and the spirit of who, perhaps, is risen like me in the years when the new wave broke out and made its way between pop music, to emerge and be remembered.
This Void Inside have created an album that is both interesting and enjoyable and that will make all goth fans happy, including me.

Valeria Campagnale



This Void Inside - “Memories' Dust” Official Lyric Video