Band: The Twinkles  Title: We Come Along  Label: Rocketman Records

Band: The Twinkles
Title: We Come Along
Label: Rocketman Records
Release date: 10 maggio 2018

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1. Ludwig The Punk
2. We Come Along
3. No More Faith In You
4. Bubblegum Girl
5. Your Time Has Come
6. C’est La Vie
7. Fantasy Is My Mistress
8. Rich Girl
9. Naughty Lady
10. I Don’t Wanna Wake No More All Alone
Nick Mess – Guitar, vocals
Tony Mad – Bass, backing vocals
True Bat – Drums
Dust off the leather jackets, if we ever took them off, the safety pins, the colored hair, in my case remained such, and irreverence, The Twinkles are back!
The Italian punkers present “We Come Along”, the bran new album containing ten pieces of pure punk, after the three singles  “Bubblegum Girl” and “C’est La Vie”,  and  “I Don’t Wanna Wake No More All Alone”, we can  finally enjoy a full length, released on 10 May.
The band formed in 1996, fronted by vocalist and guitarist Nick Mess, many the live shows the band played and after twenty-two years, this band still alive and kicking.
Let's start immediately with the opening track “Ludwig The Punk”, tribute to the greatest composers Johann Sebastian Bach and Van Beethoven, respectively with their  "Toccata E Fuga In Re Minore BWV 56"  and ”Symphony No. 5 In Do Minor, Op. 67”. naturally in the punk version.
 “We Come Along”, "Space and chances to play to those who create their own music”, this’s the message of the band, opinion that I fully agree, regarding the music business behind covers and tribute bands, that in addition to not offering anything new, no new vision of music and without any individual personality, find more facilities to play on clubs. Well said guys!
“No More Faith In You”  is a cheerful piece, in Ramones style, so seventies, so cool and with an easily refrain.
“Bubblegum Girl”, a different style with soft tones and good mood, almost indie like the first Pulp.
A rhythm of a march opens “Your Time Has Come”, a punk track that still remind me the Jarvis Cocker’ Pulp style. 
Pure punk again in “C’est La Vie”, so fine and British, “Fantasy Is My Mistress” contaminated with Iggy Pop influences, is such a good piece, in which the band mixed punk to a bluesy style, love it!
Pressing rhythm in the follower “Rich Girl” with a good refrain and joyful music, while “Naughty Lady”, sounds like a ballad as a punk ballad could be, surely the most quiete moment of the whole album, more closer to a Hanoi Rocks song.
Closes this fun and direct album, the song “I Don’t Wanna Wake No More All Alone”, catchy and  with a very catchy refrain, a decidedly fresh musicality and the desire to dance that only put a few songs.
In short, “We Come Along” it’s a retro-flavored record with funny, ironic motifs  that will be greatly appreciated by punk lovers of any age. I personally I’ve listened it so many times and my mood still melancholy towards a genre that has made the music history and I infinitely appreciate bands like The Twinkles because I get more and more convinced that punk is not dead, but only misrepresented by some bands like Blink 182…

Valeria Campagnale

The Twinkles  - “Bubblegum Girl” Official Video