The Hawkins, Ain't Rock n Roll, hard Rock, Gain Music

Band: The Hawkins
Title: Ain't Rock n Roll
Genre:    Rock
Label:     Gain Music
Release date: 10 June 2017 


2.Fuck You All I'm Outta Here   
3.Frankie Boy   
4.Shaking Ground   
5.Let's Go   
6.Rat Race   
7.Perfect Son   
8.Ain't Rock N Roll   
9.Before The Fall   
10.Will & Testament

Johannes Carlsson: Lead vocals/Guitar
Mikael Thunborg: Guitar/Background vocals
Albin Grill: Drums/Background vocals
Martin Larsson: Bass

The Hawkins is an energetic, highly-entertaining rock n’ roll band, their music is a mixture of blues-based rock groove with the attitude of punk rock.
After releasing a few EP’s, the Swedish The Hawkins come up with their first album “Ain’t Rock n Roll” containing ten stunning tracks, via Gain Music.
Hellacopters and Backyard Babies mixed together, the addition of some punk, chorus, bouncing riffs and guitars solo, the rock irreverence, ladies and gentlemen… The Hawkins!
Yet, among things already listened, perhaps some are given, I love this band. Their energy is in this album. The rough opener "Alco-hole" immediately convinced me, with its strong attitude and great guitar riff, the jagged voice and obsessive rhythm, just like a slap. The band knows how capture the attention and I just can only image The Hawkins onstage.
Absolutely stunning the follower track "Fuck you all I'm outta here", so punk and aggressive, a brilliant piece. I love how Johannes Carlsson uses his own voice pushing it to the limits.
Country punk rock for “Frankie Boy”, just another great piece, so good the guitars, the Hammond, the voice, the rhythm, absolutely genial.
“Shaking Ground”    is quiet aggressive as well, good piece as well just like the previous listened, guitars are simply thrilling and the voice result so cool in its raspy and forced.
Striking “Let's Go”, another pronounced well done stroke, great music.
It’s “Rat Race” one of my favorite track of this album, it’s amazing how this band creates such great pieces. Huge guitars as listened by now, good energetic music that’s a mess. This’s the rock I love.
Musical elements that create a perfect miscellaneous in “Perfect Son”, astonishing drums and brilliant rhythm. 
The title track “Ain't Rock N Roll” is extra demonstration that rock still alive and it enjoys of good health, just thanks to bands like The Hawkins. 
Acoustic intro for the track “Before The Fall”, more a party than a song, pretty cool piece. 
Beautiful “Will & Testament” in its slowly sound and gentle touch, a tender atmosphere for a few minutes until it gets more aggressive but in a different way, a good style to close this crazy and beautiful album.
The Hawkins hit the spot with “Ain't Rock n Roll”, massive rock notes that permeate all over the album, a huge rush of adrenaline and so much desire to have a good time and to have a good time themselves.
Mark you the name of the band, we will feel to speak of them in the future as one of the groups revelation. For my part, I’m already their fan.



Valeria Campagnale


    The Hawkins - "Alco-Hole"