The GuestZ, Hopeless Case Of Perseverance, Hard Rock/ Melodic Rock/ Sleaze-Glam Rock, Illegal Records

Band: The GuestZ
Title:Hopeless Case Of Perseverance
Genre: Hard Rock/ Melodic Rock/ Sleaze-Glam Rock
Label Illegal Records
Release date: 20/ October 2017

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1. Perseverance  

2. Gettin’ Laid

3. Acid Easy

4. Ridin’ On The Road 
5. Eyes Wide Open 
6. Every Underdog Has His Day
7. When The Fat Hits The Fire
8. Make My Day  

9. Leave It Alone 
10. I Was Told

Mimmo God: lead & backing vocals

Jonna: lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals

Rob N. Röll: bass, backing vocals

Armando Mefisto: drums
Danilo “Ufodan” Silvestri: Additional backing vocals

Turn on the rock mode, raise the volume strictly high and revive the attitude of the eighties, The GuestZ present an explosive album entitled "Hopeless Case Of Perseverance", released October in 2017 via Illegal Records.
 Ten songs in which it is evident the love for bands like Ac / Dc, but not only, their musical background is evidently inspired by the glorious past sleaze rock.
 Founded in Rome, Italy, in 2006, the band released their successful debut and "Not For Money, Just For Glory" in 2008. They played a lot of live shows in Rome and Italy, opening for some popular bands such as Crashdiet, Quireboys, Faster Pussycat, LA Guns and Airbourne.
I was saying, an explosive album this of The GuestZ, which lights up even more my soul street, sleazy and glam, brought with absolute pride.
The GuestZ succeed in ten tracks, one more beautiful than the other, to propose the Sunset Boulevard style sound, starting from the opener “Perseverance", such a brilliant track in which The GuestZ propose pure adrenalin, raw rock and very catchy sound made of good guitars, electrifying rhythm
and the endearing voice. 
The following “Gettin’ Laid” is another lightning for this exuberant and captivating album, a song that won't leave you anything else other than love this group, thrilling guitars do both frame and filling in this track.
Unmissable and due a tribute to the band’ inspirational muse Ac/Dc, “Acid Easy” in which thirty Ac/Dc’ songs are quoted in the lyrics,  the musicality is in pure Angus Young style and Co., of course.
“Ridin’ On The Road”, another round of The GuestZ’ carousel, always in the name of pure rock’ n’ roll.
Super catchy is “Eyes Wide Open”, allegorize of street and sleaze hard rock, sign of all overseas hair rock wave. Bright guitars and brilliant voice.
“Every Underdog Has His Day” some Pretty Boy Floyd and Poison reminiscences in this track with a personal touch, absolutely great!
Good as well the follower “When The Fat Hits The Fire”, more or less on the same mood and line of the previous, surely it will be a good song for a live show.
Decidedly quieter is “Make My Day”, not a ballad but an easier track in which the voice results to be strong. 
The album takes back to rock with “Leave It Alone”, power and appetite for this well done track.
“I Was Told”, a Rinho Bucket’ cover, a huge ending for this amazing work.
Concluding, The GuestZ made such a brilliant album, “Hopeless Case Of Perseverance” is exactly what rock what should be, cheerful, amusing and pleasing.
This album cannot absolutely miss in the collection of every Hard Rock, Melodic Rock, Sleaze and Glam Rock lovers.

Valeria Campagnale


The GuestZ - “Acid Easy” Official Audio