Band: The Dark Title: Live.Create.Destroy. Genre: Alternative/Electro-Rock Release date: 3 May 2018

Band: The Dark
Title: Live.Create.Destroy.
Genre: Alternative/Electro-Rock
Release date: 3 May 2018


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1 Bad Gentleman 

2.Dirty Girl 

3 Kids of the broken Kingdom 

4 Black Flag 

5 Last day we Kissed 

6 Product 

7 Cannibal 

8 Halo 

9 In the End 

10 Lost at Sea 

11 Bleeding Black

Brandon Ashley - Vocals, Guitar
Live Members:
Adrian Gray - Bass
Kris Fiore - Guitar
Dam Fanti - Drums

The Dark is a Berlin based rock music project originating in Los Angeles, CA in 2015.
The new album “Live. Create. Destroy.” contains eleven tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by singer Brandon Ashley / DTuned MPG at his penthouse studio in Berlin, Kreuzberg.
The reminiscences are markedly evident and oriented towards dark 80s music. It is thanks to this dark wave that we can still listen to the influences that it has brought to today's musical generation. For those of us who have gone through that period that basically came from England, you can be pleasantly surprised by the new rebirth of this musical style. Depeche Mode  first and in fact, this record sees Christian Eigner of Depeche Mode as a special guest on the song 'Product”.
I said, orientation to the eighties with veins that touch the nineties, bringing a gust of fresh air into the sounds proposed.
“Dirty Girl”, “Black Flag” and “Product”, are, in my opinion, the most highlights pieces of this album, good also “In the End” and “Bleeding Black”, track that closes “Live. Create. Destroy.”.
A quiete good cover of Tory Amos’ “Crucify” is fine as well.
Dark, melodious, romantically dark atmospheres, the same that can accompany all of us in a more or less dark period of our lives. Sometimes we find ourselves in records like this, often life seems dark, and here that music accompanies us right in these moments.
“Live. Create. Destroy.” Is a good album, very intimist and gloomy, an album that can only arouse old memories as a teenager, and I thank Brandon Ashley for this.  His voice is a deep interesting attraction in which the music it’s a beautiful frame.
Absolutely an album to have, for those who love the dark sounds.

Valeria Campagnale