Band: The Cruel Intentions  Title: No Sign Of Relief Genre: Hard Rock Sleaze Rock, Street Rock Release date: 21 September 2018 review

Band: The Cruel Intentions
Title: No Sign Of Relief
Genre: Hard Rock Sleaze Rock, Street Rock
Release date: 21 September 2018

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01. Jawbreaker
02. Reckoning
03. Genie’s Got A Problem
04. Weekend Suffering
05. Borderline Crazy
06. Check Your Head
07. Sick Adrenaline
08. Everybody Riot
09. Go Fuck Yourself
10. Chaos In A Bombshell
11. Devilicious

Lizzy DeVine – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Mats Wernerson – bass, backing vocals
Robin Nilsson – drums, percussion
Kristian Nygaard – lead guitar

Former Vains of Jenna singer Lizzy DeVine has hooked up with fellow Swedes Mats Wernerson and Robin Nilsson and Norwegian rock monster Kristian Nygaard Solhaug to form The Cruel Intentions. As you'd expect, they have more swagger than a dozen penguins bloated on krill.
Ok, I was waiting for this album since “Jawbreaker” video was released being sure to listen to an excellent product of pure adrenaline hard rock, well, my expectations were exact, and totally satisfied with “No Sign Of Relief”. No frills, no yielding and no ballads.
As Lizzy DeVine’ fan I was sure that this album would be simply great.
The exciting opener "Jawbreaker", is just a piece of pure sleaze rock, straightforward and direct which leads to romp in the wild air and I can already imagine this piece played live, practically a piece so crude, in the good sense of the term, to be able to consider it one of the highlight of the album.
Gritty and catchy the follower “Reckoning” that with a bold rhythm brings with it a freshness in the sleaze panorama, just as the third track “Genie’s Got A Problem”, with a refrain that not only manages to immediately enter the mind but that is so catchy as to hum the song even when the song is finished.
So groovy “Weekend Suffering”, another of my favorite piece of this album with  thrilling guitar. 
“Borderline Crazy” and “Check Your Head” are just pure energy  that lead us to listen to the unsettling and amazing “Sick Adrenaline”, another well done stroke.
Absolutely catchy “Everybody Riot” while “Go Fuck Yourself” is more  more comparable to a brilliant anthem.
“Chaos In A Bombshell”  is a brilliant piece in which the catchy sound is king.
The last track “Devilicious”, is another pure adrenaline song.
Sum up, "No Sign Of Relief" is just pure joy for sleazy hard rock fans, The Cruel Intentions made such a great album, so different to other sleaze bands and maybe, this kind of rock needed an exclusively rough and rough wind, well,  The Cruel Intentions succeeded perfectly.
Catchy album with Lizzy DeVine' great voice, amazing Kristian Nygaard' guitar, deeply bass lines by Mats Wernerson and powerful Robin Nilsson' drums.
"No Sign Of Relief" it’s just to must have!


Valeria Campagnale



The Cruel Intentions - "Borderline Crazy" Official Video