The Bad Somethings

Band: The Bad Somethings
Title: The Bad Somethings
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Squib Kick Records
Release date: 26 October 2018


1. Yeah,Yeah,Yeah

2. Let It Roll

3. Along For The Ride

4. Oh Honey

5. Body Language Psychology
6. My Bike

7. High Speed King 

8. End Of The Night 

9. New Generation

Kenny Richie - Drums, Voice
Leo Davidson - Guitars, Voice 


Here I’ve the good album from American band The Bad Somethings.
When Rob Richardson of  Squib Kick Records  sent me the EPK presenting me the genre of rock the band proposes, I thought it was the usual rock band made of clichés…nothing more wrong, because although it is a rock of the 70s, The Bad Somethings they have something new, something attractive that diversifies from the industrial quantity that I listen daily for work.
In their Facebook page, the infos say “ Retro rockers with a classic seventies and eighties hard rock sound, influenced by the greats - continuing the tradition.”, this is exactly their genre of music but with fresh sounds and well-presented, although the echoes of the rock of the seventies are very evident.
The Bad Somethings will release their homonym album on 26 October 2018 via Squib Kick Records a brand new record label started in 2016.
The history of the band is quiete simple, the idea came together when two old musical friends (Kenny Richie & Leo Davidson) decided they'd finally had enough of the trendy, modern rock scene.
Influenced by big bands as Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Cheap Trick,  Deep Purple and Aerosmith, to name few, the band reflects their tastes and their artistic influences.
The first track is the first single released “Yeah,Yeah, Yeah”, has the right rock attitude with catchy refrain and such good guitars. In this piece we can breath the first Kiss era, just to remind us how big Kiss was  and how much their music influenced o many musicians.
“Let It Roll” does not deviate from the previous song, good rhythm, excellent guitars and well supported voice, framed by a healthy rock. The song is a cover song originally recorded by Albatross.
Soft guitar intro for “Along For The Ride”, another good piece, quieter than the two tracks previously listened to and its way interesting for the vocal imprint and bass lines.
“Oh Honey” it's a decidedly soft piece, an elegant touch in this track as for the voice as for the  music. Led Zeppelin inspired, The Bad Somethings made such a brilliant piece with a good guitar solo.
A more sustained rhythm accompanies the track “Body Language Psychology”, in which The Bad Somethings manage to mix a vocalization with the Gene Simmons, with an atmosphere that oscillates between a hard rock that winks at the sounds in the middle between the years 70 and 80.
Rock a go-go with “My Bike”, one of the best track in this album, in my opinion, intriguing enough and not at all obvious. Such a good music in this album!
How not to fall in love with “High Speed King”, adrenaline, rhythm, and inflamed guitars, a classic hard rock piece.
Same for “End Of The Night”, too catchy and too hot with its blues lines in it. Another highlight in “The Bad Somethings”, absolutely great!
“New Generation” closes the album, great bass and drums, pretty cool closing.
In summary, this is an album that will make every rocker happy, a blood album in which you can travel in two decades of pure rock and also if there’s is so much of Kiss’ style, that most likely are a source of inspiration,
The Bad Somethings are among the bands of the new generation of a rock that will never die, for the joy of those like me  grew up with this music and who will continue to follow it with heads held high.

Valeria Campagnale



 The Bad Somethings  -  "Yeah Yeah Yeah" Lyric video