Terra IncΩgnita , “Sign With Blood”, heavy metal

Band: Terra IncΩgnita
Title: Fragments Of A Ruined Mind
Genre: Melodic Metal
Release date:  25 October2017
Label: Symmetric records

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1. Strahd’s Revenge
2. My Emptiness
3. In The Mist
4. The Word
5. A Day Without Loss
6. Conqueror
7. Life Begins Again 
8. The Midnight Lies
9. Covenant
10. Sign With Blood
11. My Ruined Mind

Billy Vass (lv)
Manos Kyritloglou (lg)
Stelios Zoulias (rg, brutal vocals)
Tolis Avgeros (b)
Dimitris Kokonesis (d)

Terra IncΩgnita is a Greek band that range in an assembly of metal sub-genres, creating a distinctive music, from classic melodic heavy metal to progressive, from epic to atmospheric.
Terra IncΩgnita was born in 2010. After the self-release album, “Barren Land”, the band went through line-up changes. In 2017, the band was signed to Bob Katsionis' record label, Symmetric records, which has released their concept album, titled, “Fragments of a Ruined Mind”. In 2016 the band recorded an album as a prelude, titled "Sign with Blood".
Newly found Bob Katsionis’s Symmetric Records, debuts with the release of heavy metal band Terra Incognita's album “Fragments Of A Ruined Mind”.
Influences of Iced Earth & Black Sabbath and the lyricism of Sanctuary & Fates Warning, Billy Vass sings the story of the main character of Strahd: a story of betrayal, love, loyalty, death and in the end ... the eternal damnation.
It’s “Strahd’s Revenge” to open this incredible album, an intensive piece made of a massive drum and musical instruments, a good prelude to the entire work.
The follower “My Emptiness” continues on the impressive tone, giving an imperative sound to the track and Billy Vass’ voice that’s the heart of this piece.
“In The Mist” and “The Word” are two tracks more harmonious, despite “In The Mist” reach some dark tones.
Great intro of piano for “A Day Without Loss”, where the voice comes early to cradle with its intensive tones, a short but severe track that accompany to the epic sound of “Conqueror”, another great piece of this album.
“Life Begins Again” is a melodic track, full of harmonies and a delicate voice, such an extra brilliant song.
More heaviness is the follower “The Midnight Lies” where epic music meets melodic metal, improving the special sound for Terra IncΩgnita.
Another delicate track, “Covenant”, a gentle touch, a deep breath in the middle of the vehemence and fury of “My Ruined Mind”.
Time to return to the intensive music with the heavy “Sign With Blood”, more closest to a progressive metal, mixed with a well-balanced metal.
“My Ruined Mind”, absolutely one of my favorite piece of the album, the title track is full of anger, passion, sadness and a beautiful dark sound, where the suffering voice alternates itself in moments of highlight tones.
Terra IncΩgnita are back in good shape, with a good work where each elements reaches high levels and qualities in this stunning album. 


Valeria Campagnale


Terra IncΩgnita - "In The Mist" Official Video