Stray Bullets, shut up, sleaze, sleazy rock

Band: Stray Bullets
Title: Shut Up
Genre: Sleaze/Hard Rock
Label: Sneakouts Records
Release date: 26 January 2018



01. Lost Soul Town
02. Get On You
03. Hurts

04. Candy
05. One Way Emotion
06. Put Up Or Shut Up
07. Sexpot
08. Be Your Man
09. Rain
10. Blackout
11. Crash

Ale: Vocals
Duff: Bass, Backing Vocals
Male: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Nick: Guitar
Zen: Drums, Backing Vocals

Stray Bullets started to rock in 2007, in Verona and they have a self-release album titled “Lost Soul Town”, in 2015 the band meets Burning Minds Music Group’s heads Oscar Burato and Stefano Gottardi, under their wig, the five Italian rockers focused themselves to a brand new album and the result it’s the brilliant “Shut Up”, which will be release on 26 January 2018. 
Eleven songs, included most of the songs from “Lost Soul Town”, re-written and re-arranged according to the soul and style of the new line-up.
“Lost Soul Town” opens the album, a good shot to start to start to connect with the band, great energy, thrilling guitars, good rhythms and the right mood to rock in the best way sleaze possible.
On the same line the follower track “Get On You”, where vocals are pretty good and the track itself doesn’t leave doubts about through to where the band wants to goes.
Intro in G’N’R style for “Hurts”, in somehow Stray Bullets remark the old style refreshing it but their influences into the 80’s- 90’s sleaze hard rock are pretty clear. 
Good piece is “Candy”, melodies and vocals made this piece a brilliant song, a bit catchy and easy to listen.
“One Way Emotion” is probably one of the best tracks of this album, a song that remind me the good old ballads from Warrant, great song.
Back to rock again with “Put Up Or Shut Up”, heavier and wild, so the same for the follower “Sexpot”, where the sound it’s rough and drum is excellent as the rest of the instruments. “Be Your Man” is no less important with its attractive sound. 
Here another outstanding piece, “Rain”, just simply amazing in its easy structure that winking at 80’s. 
Good track also “Blackout” but it’s with “Crash” the band gives the litmus test, a track more multifaceted, an heavier sound structured in different points, where the music isn’t just rock but more complete in an interesting formulation.
“Shut Up” is absolutely a dazzling work, all hard rock fans will appreciate this album as I do, for its simple style, so sleaze hard rock marked and the genuine passion of Stray Bullets to propose their style. Good job and hats off,  guys!


Valeria Campagnale