Stelios Ventas,  Rock, Faded Flower, review

Artist: Stelios Ventas
Genre: Rock
Title: Faded Flower
Label: Stelios Ventas
Released dater: June 2018


1. Faded Flower   
2. The Way I Do   
3. My Queen
4. Alone in the Desert
5.It 's Been a Long Time

Stelios Ventas: vocals, guitars, drums and percussion
Sotiris Pirounias: bass:
Kostantinos Tsonis: keyboards

The virtuoso greek guitarist Stelios Ventas, proposes the interesting EP “Faded Flower”, released the past June.
“Faded Flower”  is influenced by soft sounds of southern rock, notable the the track that opens this EP, a very warm intimacy that involves the listener, in which the guitar is the protagonist with excellent riffs and a warm voice
leads into the heart of this song.
“The Way I Do” is more deeper as in its rhythm as in the vocal notes and not less of the intrinsic musicality that creates this piece, a velvety creation for Stelios Ventas, great music and rhythm.
Same mood for the follower “My Queen” with a brilliant guitar solo, the assonance in its intro with Guns’n’Roses it's a bit obvious, for an artist like him, but other than that, it's a very special song.
Another good piece is “Alone In The Desert”, an elegant southern touch, nothing to add, just brilliant.
Last track of this EP, “It 's Been a Long Time”, it’s quiet hypnotic with shy traces of psychedelic rock, that gives a good imprint to this song.
“Faded Flower” deserved better quality but this does not mean that these five pieces are excellent, good ideas, warm music and the voice that manages to attract all the attention with its own melody and wrapping tones.



Valeria Campagnale



 Stelios Ventas - "Faded Flower" Official Video