Steelmade, The Stories We Tell, Rock/Alternative, Fastball Music

Band: Steelmade
Title: The Stories We Tell
Genre Rock/Alternative
Label: Fastball Music
Release date: 30 March 2018

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1. Remember When (A Piece Of Contemporary History)
2. Raise Your Voice
3. The Stories We Tell
4. Fairytales Of Childhood Days
5. Ashes Over Waters
6. Trial And Tribulation
7. The Best For Last
8. Deal With The Devil
9. Stupidity
10. Appearance And Reality
11. Desire And Love
12. We Are Bizarre

Paul Baron (Vocals)
Jadro (Guitar)
Jochi (Drums)

Steelmade, rock band from Switzerland, founded in 2016, are back with their second album “The Stories We Tell”, that will be release on 30 March 2018. After two years their debut album “Love Or A Lie”, when the band was a four piece, the band is ready to rock as trio, with Paul Baron on voice, Joe Williams on drums an Jadro B. on guitar.
Twelve pieces contained in this new album, where music and lyrics are well balanced and technically brilliant.
The opener "Remember When (A Piece Of Contemporary History)" proves to the good arrangements and technical points.
"Raise Your Voice" is the second track and the second good song where 
chorus and arrangements are simply perfect.
“The Stories We Tell” and “Fairytales Of Childhood Days” are pretty good and this second one is one of the best track of the entire album, absolutely brilliant.
Good guitars and rhythms in “Ashes Over Waters”,  brilliant bass line in the good track “Trial And Tribulation”, and interesting atmosphere in
“The Best For Last”, which still one of my favorite piece.
Here another exciting piece, "Deal With The Devil", so good and interesting.
"Stupidity" and "Appearance And Reality" persuade as well and they do it  with a little of prog style.
To end the album there are “Desire And Love” and “We Are Bizarre” in a perfect way.
"The Stories We Tell" is a good modern rock album, brilliant melodies and great guitars, promoted the voice as well. A good debut, we’ll see what these guys will give us in future.

Valeria Campagnale


Steelmade - "Remember When (A Piece Of Contemporary History)" Official Video