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Band: Status Minor
Title: Three Faces Of Antoine
Genre: Progressive
Label: Lion Music
7 December 2017

Eero Pakkanen – Bass
Rolf Pilve - Drums
Sami Saarinen - Guitars
Markku Kuikka – Vocals
Jukka Karinen - Keyboards

01. Helen
02. Our Common Curse
03. Turn Back Time
04. The Tunnel
05. Free Me
06. Hard To Find
07. Max And Pattie
08. Feel My Hunger
09. Slenderman
10. Me

The Finnish Progressive Metal Status Minor released on December 2017 the album “Three Faces Of Antoine”, available from Lion Music as limited edition digipak now.
This work follows their 2009 debut album “Dialog” and the full length “Ouroboros” released on April 2012, album critically acclaimed and fan favorite.
“Three Faces Of Antoine” shows the musically maturity of the band and in which the sound as well as being more complete, is more gloomy.
it’s just with a darker atmosphere the album starts, “Helen” a monologue by Linus Nyman’s voice, while with  “Our Common Curse”, we can listen to a gloomy sound in which guitar solos are brilliant, as a whole is a well-combined darker and compact musicality.
More relaxed the follower track “Turn Back Time” but in his peacefulness, he doesn't take much notice of the vehemence.
Almost blues veins for “The Tunnel” another morbid sound for an emotional piece in which police radio ends it about a crime scene.
Another monologue in “Max And Pattie” that talks abut a children birth,  while “Feel My Hunger” with another monologue, has such good musicality  especially noteworthy is the guitar solo.
Beautiful and probably the most intense piece of this work is “Slenderman”, both the structure and the composition are perfect and denote a high definition for this musician.
At the end of this album, "Me” that’s the story how kidnapping  and dismemberment of a little girl that manages to give a darker and more disturbing shadow to the whole album.
A concept album with the narration of the character Antoine that could give intentionally a person with multiple personalities or the story of a disrupted person anyway.
Basically the album is musically excellent but loses its bite during the monologues,  which are also necessary for the story's narration.

Precisely because of the tones used, the darkness that brings with it, "Three Faces Of Antoine" needs more than one listening to be understood.

Valeria Campagnale




Status Minor - “Slenderman” Official Audio