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Band: Stargazery
Title: Eye on the Sky  - Vynil Edition
Genre: Melodic Metal

Label: Pure Steel Records
Release Date: 14Th June 2019


Side A

1. Dying

2. Puppet On A String

3. I Am The Night

4. Eye On The Sky

5. How Many Miles

6. Everytime I Dream Of You
Side B

1. Judah (The Lion)

2. S.O.S

3. Jester Of Kings

4. Headless Cross

5. Rescue Me (Bonustrack)

Jari Tiura – vocals

Pete Ahonen – guitars, backing vocals

Jukka Jokikokko – bass, backing vocals

Marco Sneck – keyboards

Jussi Ontero – drums

The Finnish Melodic Heavy Metal band Stargazery will release the studio Vinyl edition of the album "Eye On The Sky" on 14th June 2019 with Pure Steel Records on 14th June 2019.
Those of you who remember the first version in the classic CD version, already know what I'm talking about, for those who do not yet know Stargazery, it's time to discover the band.
Born late in 2005, the bus is formed by Jari Tiura (ex- Michael Schenker Group, Stargazery), Pete Ahonen (Burning Point , Ghost Machinery) who kindly answered the interview published here  a few days ago, Jukka Jokikokko (Zenith Reunion), Marco Sneck (Afterworld,Nothnegal), Jussi Ontero ( Death’s-Head And The Space Allusion, Burning Point, Ghost Machinery ). 
This premise is necessary, because it makes you understand the importance of the musicians compose this band, said this, we can start to talk about the album, opens by “Dying” powerful piece that comes close to the AOR genre mixed with a melodic heavy metal, great guitars and impressive choirs, captivating and a groove decidedly eighties, good piece but the best must come.
In fact, with the following "Puppet On A String" the band manages to give a remarkable musical turn with the contribution of keyboards that reach epic metal sounds, as well as guitars, always present and always powerful, a warm voice that can change depending on the songs. This is a beautiful heavy metal piece, with an extraordinary guitar solo.
Very involving "I Am The Night" that between a harder rock sound and metal veins, the band manages to blend a perfect mood for a song I would say remarkable thanks to the lyrics of Jari Tiura and brilliant keyboard.
“How Many Miles“ is another power piece with epic choruses and an excellent rhythm section. In itself the piece is bright and exciting, perhaps as musicality is similar to that of Savatage, with typical American timbres but it is still a good song.
A classic hard rock metal piece is “Everytime I Dream Of You”,  a very respectable semi ballad with redundant guitars that mark a plus point for this track, bringing a breath of impetus.
Beautiful is the  following anthemical "Judah (The Lion)”, great Stargazeries that still show an emotional charge between melodic sounds and a decidedly epic and solemn sound.
“S.O.S”, once again the band gives us a song full of rhythm with an extraordinary drums, a theatrical song and a sound always projected towards the epic metal. 
“Jester Of Kings” is instead a song with hard rock veins and an emphatic musical carpet purely metal with classical sounds, in which the voice is confirmed changeable to changes in tone.
“Headless Cross” is a Black Sabbath, while “Rescue Me”, included as bonus track  on this Vinyl version, is such a good piece, the perfect bonus for their fans, a song in which the band continues to show their determination and undeniable ability to carry on a genre that will never see an end, especially as long as there are groups like Stargazery. I just love this album!



Valeria Campagnale



Stargazery - “Eye On The Sky”