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Band: SPY # ROW
Title: Blood Brothers
Genre: Heavy Rock
Label: Fastball Music
Rlease Date: 26 April 2019


01 Blood Brothers 
02 I Ain't Falling 
03 Follow Your Dreams 
04 Every Day Counts 
05 If You Say You Love Me
06 Forever 
07 Nowhere To Run 
08 My Chance 
09 You Are Not Alone
10 Heartbreaker 
11 We Not Go Quietly 

Sam Niklas Jäger - Vocals/Bass
Tim Louis Jäger - Guitar/Vocals
Arian Gerhardt - Drums/Vocals

The German trio SPY # ROW has been around for many years, despite the young age of the components,
“Blood Brothers” is their debut album with will be release on 26 April via Fastball Music.
Eleven fresh tracks melodic rock rooted, groovy rock and powerful sound ranging from Bon Jovi like “Follow Your Dreams”, one of the best catchy piece of the album,  to Guns ’N’ Roses in “if You Say You Love Me”.
Anyone who loves this genre knows very well that the groups from which they draw musically, are the sacred monsters that have made history and continue to remain in vogue.
The influences of these guys don't matter much as their debut is really excellent, good vocal timbres of the rough voice of Sam Jaeger, like the rhythm section that stands up to a sometimes wild and sometimes melodic guitar.
Difficult to classify the style of the group even if hard heavy rock is the one that comes closest to it, just listen to "Nowhere To Run" with metal influences or the ballad “My Chance” in which the melody is the main element.
A modern sound invades the album "Blood Brothers" between a dizzying turn, like in “Heartbreaker”,   and another more classic one just like “Forever”.
Brilliant is “We Not Go Quietly”, song that closes the album, a groovy sound between heavy metal, hard rock and a touch of punk style.
That the
Quiet in this album they’re certainly not but  SPY # ROW remind us of it with this piece. I mean, it's just so you know.
"Blood Brothers" as I said at the beginning, is a great debut album that shows the heavy rock sides of these guys who in this work have certainly given a lot and you can hear.
An American sound to the bone, the muse par excellence of this genre, SPY # ROW is such a good band and this album proves it.  An album to discover and enjoy, you won't regret listening to it.

Valeria Campagnale


SPY # ROW - “I Ain't Falling” Official Video