Band: Spaghetti Jensen Title: Livin' On The Road  Genre: Country Label: Go Country  Released on 31 October 2018 (digital only), review

Band: Spaghetti Jensen
Title: Livin' On The Road
Genre: Country
Label: Go Country
Released on 31 October 2018 (digital only)


Roberto "Rosco" Bonfatti: voice, lead guitar, banjo
Alberto "Ramirez" La Monica: drums
Dario "Rocker" Benazzi: 2nd guitar, choirs
Paolo Chiossi: Bass, choirs


01 Brace Brace
02 Hollywood Playmate
03 The Officier
04 The Boys In The Band
05 Team Work
06 A Night Like This
07 Nashvilletime
08 That’s Why They Call It Work
09 The Blues Ain’t New
10 This Is The Time



Where the different musical experiences converge to a junction on the Nashville mainline, this is what Spaghetti Jensen band actually delivers, with a solid rock sound.
Spaghetti Jensen just published a collection with the best of their first ten years of music.

The album comes out for the emerging Go Country an Italian record label dedicated to the many shades of American music.
'Livin' On The Road' is not a simple 'the best of' but a reasoned collection of ten songs with which they want to tell us where they are now, in a point of real re-start towards a new phase of their career.
Listening to 'Livin' On The Road' we can now try to frame the artistic history of this Italian band that has breathed the American musical culture even if from a distance using it with mastery as a frame of its musical narration.
“Brace Brace” a roar of airplane in its intro, destination the carefree America, that of cowboys, romantic image par excellence, and obviously its traditional country music.
“Hollywood Playmate” sees the quartet in its modern country rock with a good rhythm and a cool funky bass line. A simple but guessed passage, one of the classic pieces that could be heard at a radio station in South America.
“The Officier” remember me the music of the TV series "Renegade", the one with Lorenzo Lamas on his Harley, I can easily imagine these guys riding a motor horse, good song, one of my favorite. 
“The Boys In The Band” first single from the album, country-revival for this piece accompanied by video clip, catchy sound, that winks at our collective imaginary of counties like those of "Hazzard" (not by chance there is also ‘Rosco’, the singer, lead guitar and  banjo, Roberto Bonfatti) and since the band does not really miss anything, this song makes us dream of being in a cheerful America.
“Team Work” follows the line of the previous song, a very pleasant piece, while “A Night Like This” is a power ballad, containing such a good atmosphere, a sweet country one.
“Nashvilletime”, confirms all the good intentions of Spaghetti Jensen to give those emotions typically stars and stripes, ever been to Nashville? Neither do I, but I imagine it like that, with this country blues atmosphere.
“That’s Why They Call It Work” continues with a very present guitar since its intro, “The Blues Ain’t New” is another great song, I just love it, so country rock with a bluesy soul.
The closing song does not disappoint either, “This Is The Time” is a brilliant piece.
In short, Spaghetti Jensen could be or Hank Williams or Johnny Cash's nephews, the new country rock generation still rocking.
Good vocals, amusing rhythm section and brilliant guitars, all framed by melody and captivating choirs.
“Livin' On The Road” is a sample of American folk rock music that will appeal the  lovers of this genre.

Valeria Campagnale

Spaghetti Jensen - “The boys in the band” Official Video