Sorrows Path, doom metal, Pure Steel Records, Power Metal

Sorrows Path
Touching Infinity
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Pure Steel Records
Release date: September 22, 2017

1. Intro to Infinity         
2. Fantasies Will Never Die         
3. Leneh         
4. My Chosen God         
5. Metaphysical Song         
6. The Subconscious         
7. Beauty         
8. Forgiveness         
9. Revival of Feminine Grandeur         
10. Touching Infinity

Bass: Stavros Giannakos
Vocals: Angelos Ioannidis
Drums: Fotis Mountouris
Guitars: Kostas Salomidis
Guitars: George Vichos



The Greek Sorrows Path, founded in 1994, has now reached their third work “Touching Infinity”. Under their belt there are: Resurrection (2006, Eat Metal Records, Greece), The Rough Path of Nihilism (2010, Rock It Up Records, Germany) and Doom Philosophy (2014, Iron Shield Records, Germany).
Sorrows Path play Power / Doom Metal, the latest album, “Touching Infinity”, creates the features of Power Metal, with Doom rhythm, out on September 22, 2017 via Pure Steel Records.
A short album, but each track intensifies every minute of this work making it very intense.
Spanish sound for the intro “Intro to Infinity” that takes to “Fantasies Will Never Die”, a heavier track that shows the virtuosity of this band, where guitars are pretty brilliance and create an epic aria.
Same way is "Leneh" in a succession of intense notes made by guitars and drums.
Songs excellent, especially the good “My Chosen God”, lyrical intro, where the respectable vocals, pass from insensitive screams to melodic, brilliant bass line and the rhythm itself. May the best track of the whole album.
A placid start for "Metaphysical Song", heavy guitars and solid drums in this track, great vocals where Doom elements are brightly and well condensed.
A good piece of work is “Beauty”, oriental intro and great atmosphere created in this track, extremely soothing and attractive with such great guitars and the female voice.
Brilliant also the follower track "Forgiveness," another center to the target for Sorrow Path.
Heavier sound and pronounced guitars for “Revival of Feminine Grandeur”,          
The title track “Touching Infinity” is delicate and intensive song made of harmony and pathos.
“Touching Infinity” is undeniably an excellent album, where the music weaves to the emotions, Sorrow Path are a great band that involve the listener in their fusion style made of innovation and classicism.

Valeria Campagnale

Sorrows Path “Fantasies Will Never Die” Official Video