Snei Ap, In(sane) minds, EP, Alternative metal, Volcano Records

Band: Snei Ap
Title: In(sane) minds EP
Genre: Alternative metal
Label: Volcano Records
Release date: March 2018


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3.I Love You When I'm Drunk 
4.Monster Heel (Re-Recorded Version)      
5.Lucifer (Re-Recorded Version) 

Angie The Lioness Prati - voice
Adil Damage Bnouhania- guitar
Valeria Goz Trevisan - bass
Sonia Wild Ghirelli - drum


“In(sane) minds” is the brand new EP for Italian Snei Ap released in March 2018 for the Italian Label Volcano Records.
Introduces the new sound of Snei Ap 2: new lineup, new groove, three new tracks, two revisits of the old songs, the irony of the lyrics but above all the madness that distinguishes this band.
Sane or insane minds? Is the question Snei Ap asks with their new work.
To open this EP, the alternative metal track “Bullet”, an energetic piece in which the band express itself in a very good aggressive sound. Brilliant guitars and rhythms accompany Angie wild voice. Paraphrasing the title, this track is a real bullet.
“Obsexion”, on the same line of the previous track, alternative metal with a bluesy streaks, with a catchy refrain that invades the solid music, a very original musical composition.
The follower “I Love You When I'm Drunk”, results more hypnotic thanks both to the sound of the guitar and the almost obsessive rhythm. The voice manages to support the musical style of this piece that deserves all the attention for this band.
Back to heavy sound with “Monster Heel” in this re-recorded version. Good harsh metallic sound softened by the voice, even if it turns out to be always feisty.
To close this EP, “Lucifer”, the other re-recorder version, a gloomy track in which the Adil’ guitar emerges in all its brilliant style in the guitar solo.
Pay attention to this group, we'll hear about it again.


Valeria Campagnale


Snei Ap - “Bullet” Official Video