Sleep In Heads, On The Air, new album, Atmospheric Prog, Noizr Productions
, all-female band

Band: Sleep In Heads
Title: On The Air
Genre: Atmospheric Prog
Label: Noizr Productions

Release date: 1 March 2018


2. Vagrant
3. Deceiver 
4. Time Like the Sand  
5. Blue Fear
6. Secret Shelter

Sonya - Vocal
Serj - Guitar
Roman - Drums
Fann - Bass
Natalia - Violin

Sleep In Heads, a quintet from Ukraine, with the album “On The Air” present six pieces of elegant music made of airy atmospheres and dreamlike feelings thanks to violins and the fascinating Sonya’ voice. 
Sleep In Heads will release their new work on 1 March 2018 
via Noizr Productions.
The first track “Pacifying” is an enchanting opening, in this song we can easily breath a huge peace, as is inspires a great harmony, a very good piece made of grace and good taste.
The follower “Vagrant” is an explosion of music, different to the opening, a heavy rhythm and guitar alternate to peaceful moments, weaving an interesting intertwining with the soft voice, this band really knows how to catalyze the listener interest.
“Deceiver” contains lines of folklore and a hint of Celtic music, combining with gritty guitar sounds a song that contains both a magical and resolute atmosphere.
Short electronic intro for “Time Like the Sand” evolving into piece definitely more scathing, sweetened by Arabic melodies and the persuasive voice.
 “Blue Fear” denotes how versatile the band is, weaving its music with different style reaching heavy sounds to quieter music, this song could be a good example of how audacious is the sound of Sleep In Heads. A picturesque piece which denotes the skill of the group.
A beautiful piano opens “Secret Shelter”, the track at the end of this album, another wonderful piece.
Sleep in Heads made a good album proposing a new prog heavy rock, a work certainly very interesting for its sound and atmosphere created by both from sweet melodies and much rougher sounds, all finished by a good production that makes the album a very unique work of its genre.

Valeria Campagnale

Sleep In Heads - "Blue Fear" Official Audio