Slabber, Colostrum, Heavy Metal, Self-Produced

Band: Slabber
Title: Colostrum
Genre: Heavy Metal
Labels Self-Produced
Released date 11 September 2017


1.Vagito / Intro          
2.Riot Day          
3.Blood in the Nation          
5.Black Skin          
8.Violent Man          
9.Connection to Nowhere          
10.Lacking Light          
11.Killer Worm        

Alessandro Bottin: Voice
Marco Poliani: Guitars, vox & backing vocals
Francesco Valerio: Bass
Marco Maffina: Drums

“Colostrum”, this’s the title of debut album for the Italian metal band Slabber, a self-production that manages to emphasize the musical quality of the group. Slabber as band was born from the ashes of Rapid Fire and active from 2015.
This heavy metal product is very interesting for the particular sounds and the raw voice of the vocalist.
Let's go in order, after the intro “Vagito”, “Riot Day” manages to express the musical aspect that the band offers, Heavy Metal, cadenced with a rhythmic base on which the rough vocals teases interest and very significant the guitar intertwining.
Significant also the follower “Blood in the Nation”, which encloses a good refrain and solid music bases.
The band curb the rhythms with “Dust” in which you can find keyboards notes, despite this song is slower than the previous two, its convey a particularly pleasant and interesting sound.
The gloomy intro for “Black Skin” soon leave space for a musical attack, aggressive and very raw, in which metal meets some lines of psychedelia and a decidedly impact lyric. Good heavy rhythm that gives no respite.
Good also the follower “Unmoved”, where music and vocals, the instrumental “Hybrid” is one of my favorite track of this album. A strange piece where catchy refrain is braided to psychedelic sound and metal. Really an interesting piece of technique and spontaneity.
Another kind of technique, more serious, for “Violent Man” that donates an articulated musical impact to this track, in which the voice still the protagonist, in its particular voiceprint.
Iron Maiden influenced is the powerful “Connection to Nowhere”, a good piece that show how Slabber is linked to classic metal, although its style is more innovative in its peculiarity.
“Lacking Light” continues with a powerful sound, good piece, another respectable proof for the band.
“Killer Worm” ends the album in the same line but with prog    streaks.
A good debut “Colostrum”, Slabber’ musicians know how modernize heavy metal sound and they surely deserve more attention.
I recommend this album to all fans of classic metal with contemporary streaks.

Valeria Campagnale


Slabber - "Unmoved" Official Video