Band: SirJoe Project
Title: Letze Baum Genre: Prog rock
Self release Release date: March 2018

Band: SirJoe Project

Title: Letze Baum
Genre: Prog rock
Self release
Release date: March 2018



1.Forgive Us

2.Thieves In The Temple

3.Coltan Grave

4.I Pray The Rain

5.The Power Of The Sea

6.Deadly Waltz


8.Binary Codes

9.The King Of All

10.I Need Time

11.Maybe Today

12.Raimbow Warriors


Sergio Casamassima – Lead Guitar

Alessandro Granato – Voice

Mino Berlano – Bas

Luciano Longo – Keybaords

Peppe Iovine – Drums

SirJoe Project is the brainchild of the eclectic guitarist Sergio Casamassima ... former guitarist of the band Presence "Rock / Metal Progressive of Naples since 1992" with 7 Albums. SirJoe Project came out in March 2018 with the debut album Letze Baum, a concept album inspired by a sentence read a while ago:
"When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money".
The theme of the concept tells of the continuous conflict between the greed of mankind and the nature that is swept away day after day.
Listening to the songs you can feel this conflict through instruments such as guitar, bass, industrial-style loops and drums that are very harsh, violent, as opposed to the sound of high-tech keyboards in World Music / New Age style with insertions of sampled ethnic voices. The voice also ranges in various styles, from traditional rock to metal, from lyrical sections to growl style insertions. This mix arouses curiosity first, interest after and guides the listener on a disturbing journey, sometimes claustrophobic but with an optimistic twist. Despite being progressive (with the development of various parts and various tempo changes) the concept "flows" pleasantly thanks to  "catchy" melodic lines.
The SirJoe Project are currently part of the Irukandji Booking Live Promotion roster that will deal with all aspects of management and the promotion of the disc with the further support of the Mazzarella Press Office that will take care of relations with the media.
Thirteen pieces contained in this work, music that alternates between a sometimes hard and well-marked rhythm, to a more indistrial style, up to touch world music sounds with ethnic vocalizations.
The structure of this album is not simple, in fact, precisely because of its very accurate and elaborate structure, it makes "Letze Baum" a high-level album in which metal, rock, frowl and lyrical parts are intertwined in such a naturally way.
Substantially, “Letze Baum” is a record where you can find the proposed style, an album in which it is the only music the protagonist, regardless of gender, and believe me, this is a music that manages to enchant, abducts like magic, transporting in a parallel world.
Sergio's long curriculum can only be a guarantee of professionalism, “Letze Baum” it is just a new chapter for this Italian artist and it's a really special one. Listen to belive.



Valeria Campagnale




SirJoe Project - "Coltan Grave"