Side Effects, Descending Rabbit Holes, Genre: Progressive,  Rockshots Records

 Band:  Side Effects
Title: Descending Rabbit Holes
Genre: Progressive
Label: Rockshots Records
Release Date: September 28, 2018



Ivan Mihaljevic - guitar, vocals
Alen Frljak - drums, backing vocals

1. Don’t Contradict The Fates
2. In The Shadow Of A Crumbled Fort
3. Scratch The Surface
4. Colorblind
5. Don’t Turn Away
6. Diversion
7. The Siren Song
8. Hideout
9. Obituary of Common Sense
10. Lint
11. Recoil

From Croatia, Side Effects is a rock trio, Originally born vocalist Ivan Mihaljevic, Side Effects band is at their brand, fourth new album “Descending Rabbit Holes”, will be release on September 28, 2018, via Rockshots Records.
Eleven song in which  progressive touches meet great thrilling guitars and a brilliant voice that transport us in a poetic voyage.
Quiete interesting title “Descending Rabbit Holes” for an intensive album with funky traces, emotions, powerful riffs, psychedelic sounds and melodic atmosphere, a very interesting mix that made the album absolutely brilliant.
It’s with “Don’t Contradict The Fates” we can enter in the mood of the band, and the same mood follows with “In The Shadow Of A Crumbled Fort”.
Brilliant the third track “Scratch The Surface”, while “Colorblind” is simply amazing to me, with its funky imprints and the catchy sound and deep vocals, absolutely great the bass lines.
Gradually, the pieces follow one another in a heterogeneous way, always on a well-defined wave, that which the group wants to impress on the forefather of the listener.
To be noted the songs “The Siren Song”, another great track, “Lint” and the closing track “Recoil”.
Three songs that add an extra touch to this already very beautiful album, “Descending Rabbit Holes” could be a good choice for fans of Alter Bridge or Dream Theater and not only, a very. very interesting work.



Valeria Campagnale




Side Effects - “In The Shadow Of A Crumbled Fort" -  Official Video