Showdown Boulevard, While Winter's Coming, Hard rock, review

Showdown Boulevard
While Winter's Coming
Hard rock
Released October 12, 2018
Promoted and distributed by House Of Rock Records


Giorgio Dek: vocals, keyboards
Dany Moneta: guitars
Andy Pontremoli: bass
Francesco Corato: drums

Guitar solo on "Yet To Come" by Claudio Conci.
Guitar solo on "Over You" and second solo on "Blind Visions" by Giorgio Dek.

1.While Winter's Coming
2. After All
3. Tomorrow
4. Over You
5. Little Jack 
6. Yet To Come
7.  Brand New Start
8. Blind Visions
9. Can't Stop This
10. Without You

The Italian hard rock band Showdown Boulevard released on October 12, 2018 the new album “While Winter's Coming”. In September 2012 they gave their first self-produced work, the eponymous "Showdown Boulevard", immediately followed in December by the "Saints, Poets and Sailors" ep and "Face The Challenge".
“While Winter's Coming” presents elements that recall the hard rock style of early 90s, with a sound like Skid Row or Warrant, revised in the modern form, with the same  rough sounds typical of the genre, powerful and very enjoyable, starting from the vocalizations.
Let’s start it with the title track, with a great the bass line of Andy Pontremoli and  a very impressive guitar in its intro, guitar that continues to accompany with its significant incidence for the whole song. Brilliant voice, so closest to the 80’s style as I’ve wrote before. A good piece in which rhythm section carves this song is a bit 'hard rock, a little' blues with vaguely country resonances.
“After All”, hard rock eighties go-go, a piece I would say classic classic, one of those songs that you immediately enter the head to remain pleasantly. Pretty, brilliant song!
The ballad could not be missing, as in any self-respecting album.
“Tomorrow”, as I always say, ballads do not fit my taste, I can only say that it is a song that reflects the canonical rhythms and cadences of a song that is respectfully slow, with some guitar blows that give a touch of power.
“Over You” could have come out of a Warrant album. Powerful and certainly effective. Who has followed the career of the Warrants, will certainly recognize the vein of the 90s that insinuates itself in this song, absolutely to be heard, Showdown Boulevard is a very good band.
Another really beautiful song is “Little Jack” with its hocking Dany Moneta’ guitar, the voice of Giorgio Dek is simply perfect and until now it has not failed, as for his keyboards sounds.
“Yet To Come” sees Francesco Corato's drum a bit in Def Leppard style, excellent, how excellent is this piece that has some captivating choirs.
Another soft atmosphere for "Brand New Start", neither more nor less as the track ”Tomorrow”, but definitely more intimist.
Following “Blind Visions”  and “Can't Stop This” dress a much more modern rock version, a little different from previous songs and if we want in a way alternative.
The melodic “Without You” closes the album, a good piece to close this very impressive album.
How many good musicians we have in Italy, talents really impressive and dedicated to rock that will never die.
Bravissimi Showdown Boulevard!



Valeria Campagnale