Band: ShakesnakE Title: Dynamite Genre: Hard Rock  Label: Volcano Records Release Date: 20/7/2018

Band: ShakesnakE
Title: Dynamite
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Volcano Records
Release Date: 20/7/2018


Roxy Snake- rythm guitar and backing vocals
Riky”basto” Snake-vocals
Red Snake-lead guitar
Lixxy Snake- bass
J.J. “bala”Snake-Drums

1. I Still Carry On
2. Same Old Shit
3. Lady Dynamite
4. Like A Loaded Gun

ShakesnakE were born in 2012 from Roxy Snake’s mind, rhythm/lead guitarist and composer .
The band at the beginning, tributes 80’S beautiful hard rock, revisiting, in pure ShakesnakE style, the most famous songs of this musical genre that came to light in this golden decade of music and decadence. The band is in activity since 2013 and many line up changes occurred until 2016, when the perfect alchemy among all the members of the band became a reality. Playing and getting their chops up on many stages in various clubs smelling of beer and whiskey.
Their first Ep “Dynamite” presents a good hard rock/street metal, in which the band gives us four energetic pieces.
Pure rough hard rock with eighties echoes of old glories like Skid Row and all the bands that made those years,
the most sparkling and innovative period in the field of street rock, I like to think that that era is coming back, as there are so many bands that overlook this genre.
ShakesnakE are just this kind of band, aggressive enough, as we can listen from the beginning with the opener “ I Still Carry On”, a rough and shimmering piece enough to be able to capture the attention. just like the following “Same Old Shit”, in which the band they come out as a good rock group and always looking towards the States, Country that has given us so many excellent compositions and icons.
Another wink with the song “Lady Dynamite”, in equal measure with “Like A Loaded Gun”, the two tracks of which the lyric videos were made.
Good this Lombard quintet that I hope to resent soon with a full length, always with the same explosive charge and the enthusiasm of this EP that I recommend to those who like me like this kind of hard rock sounds.



Shakesnake - “Like A Loaded Gun ” Official Lyric Video