Band: Sercati Title: Devoted, Demons and Mavericks Genre: Melodic Black Metal Label: Worm Hole Death Records Release date: 21 September 2018

Band: Sercati
Title: Devoted, Demons and Mavericks
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Label: Worm Hole Death Records
Release date: 21 September 2018


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Steve “Serpent” Fabry – Bass, Vocals
Yannick Martin – Drums, Backing Vocals
Simon Charlier – Lead Guitar

1. Countdown To Apocalypse
2. Shockwaves Of The Countdown
3. Time Of Loss
4. Under The Velvet Mask
5. Dream Devourer
6. An Appointment Between Hell and Heaven
7. Cathartic Bomb
8. Before The Battle
9. Fight To Dust
10.The Purgatory
11.Facing The Unknown (Outro)

I had promised to myself  to don’t review metal albums anymore ... instead, a few weeks ago, I received the email directly from Steve "Serpent" Fabry, I could not decline the proposal to review this interesting concept of Sercati, a band that among other things I respect a lot, despite being very far from my glittered genre.
Belgium band Sercati  returned  with  the new  album  "Devoted,  Demons  And  Mavericks" , released the past 21 September 2018, in which  the  deep melodic  atmospheric black  metal is impressive.
Sercati not only released an album, but also a film and a book, in which we find the Nightstalker, the (anti)-hero, creature born from the mind of Steve "Serpent" Fabry, bassist and founder of the band.
Precisely for this artistic triptych, the concept of Sercati interested me immediately.
I remind those who do not know the other works of Sercati,  that Nightstalker, is an angel descended from heaven on Earth, with the aim of saving humanity from the power of the armies of Lucifer, who will have as an enemy, the angel savior.
A  strong and powerful  sound  for this album, Impressive orchestrations alternate with heavy guitars, classic black metal vocalism, synths and heavier rhythmic sections.
“Devoted, Demons and Mavericks” contains  melodies  in a crescendo of notes.
The album begins with "Countdown to Apocalypse", a short intro with a melodic riff that introduces the song "Shockwaves Of The Countdown", an excellent piece with cadenced riffs and a melodic classic component of Black Metal. A song with modern colors.
Follows "Time Of Loss" an immediate piece, a classic Black Metal always in a modern key,"Under The Velvet Mask", which recalls the Scandinavian sounds that will make fans of the folk genre happy. instruments like violins and wind, make the strong personality of the band melodic.
"Fight To Dust", presents again a Folk atmosphere, not that Power, which leads us to epic scenarios.
"Dream Devourer" piece decidedly more energetic, with drums oriented to the Old School, "An Appointment Between Hell and Heaven", less energetic than the previous song but with the same brutal imprint.
"Cathartic Bomb", presents the bass as a flagship instrument, with a riff that is slow but very impactful.
Intro of classical guitar for "The Purgatory", a song that re-presents the Folk vein, and which, despite being aggressive, contains a great melodically.
With "Devoted, Demons and Mavericks", Sercati can also involve those who are refractory to a genre that in common thought is associated with all possible evil.
An album that will surely succeed in involving all metal lovers, any sub-genre can be listened to.

Valeria Campagnale