Rosa Nocturna, “Za Hradbami Času”, Symphonic Power Metal,

Band: Rosa Nocturna
Title: “Za Hradbami Času”
Genre: Symphonic Power Metal
Labels Self-Released
Released date 08 December 2017

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1. Vím, co Jsi Zač          
2. Krkavci          
3. Síla Vítězství          
4. O Lásce, o Válce a o Krvi          
5. Alegorie Smrti     
6. Možná Teď Naposled          
7. Bratříčku          
8. Intermissum          
9. Prach Králů          
10. Hlas Uvnitř        
11.  Dimitto Tibi

Tonda "Gabriel" Buček
guitarist, composer, management
an original member

Viktorie Surmová (Surmata): main vocals
Lenka "Ereis Rayann" Šíková (Ertha): vocals and harp
David Janík (April the first): vocals
Johnny Vavruška (Elementaria): vocals
Martin Klekner (Flowerwhile): vocals
Pavel „Spars“ Vrabec (Derias & Spars): vocals
Pavel Stejskal (Krakatice): vocals
Mathias Novak: vocals
Lucka Kuchtíčková: vocals
Lukáš Palacka (CKB, Final crisis): vocals
Ivoš Mazourek (Sagittari): vocals
Jan Koriťák: guitar
Jan Mikuška (Mike Jr., Temper): guitar
Jakub Janků (Wolfarian): bass
Petr Sezima: bass
Erika Biskupová (Sylván, FS Púčik): dulcimer
Erik Netušil (Superego kid): clarinet
Stanislav Žoldak (Embrace the darkness): violin
Diana Pazdírková Taragel (Wolfarian): flute

Rosa Nocturna released on December 2017 the third album entitled “Za Hradbami Času” (Behind the walls of time), containing eleven tracks of pure symphonic metal.
Rosa Nocturna is a band from Brno, Czech Republic, it’s a project of the multi-instrumentalist Tonda Buček, in occasion of this new work, Tonda has collaborated with numerous musicians and vocalists.
The album tells stories from ancient times, which are sometimes nostalgic, sometimes full of struggles. It narrate about love and betrayal, death and fear, and it brings a great range of moods and feelings, skillfully expressed by many instruments and original sound effects. You will hear ballads and epic opuses in which fascinatingly intermingles harp, dulcimer, scythe, anvils, Chinese flutes and other beside excellent classical instruments. 
“Za Hradbami Času” is the allegory of the city, where characters with unusual destinies meet. Lyrics refer to periods that have already fallen into oblivion or to the Napoleonic wars, and time plays the role of city walls that separate old stories from us. 
The opener “Vím, co Jsi Zač”, is a melodic metal, refined by a female voice that weaves with heavy guitar and folkloristic sound, a dreamlike manner. More mysteriously and gloomy is the follower “Krkavci” a winding sound that that succeeds to it stuffed to imagine a parallel world made of darkness of power, alternating vibrant music with dark music. One of the highlight of this album.
Totally different is the third track “Síla Vítězství”, staying in the golden symphonic aura, this piece gives vibrant music, duets and glorious sounds in the whole entirety of the song. Jusst another good evidence of Rosa Nocturna style. Brilliant guitars and rhythms.
Absolutely intense “O Lásce, o Válce a o Krvi”, harmonious piece made of delicacy and absolute gentleness, great the female voice that reach the lyrical singing, with the male baritone voice for a dreamy atmosphere. Such a great piece.
Power symphonic music in “Alegorie Smrti”, brilliant rhythms, perfect guitars accompany
the virtuous voice.
Different sound for “Možná Teď Naposled”, more aggressive but staying on the symphonic metal line.   
Folkloristic the follower track “Bratříčku”    , in an alternation of strong guitars, powerful rhythms and a sweet voice, a passage of sure musical effect.
Great intro with piano for “Intermissum” is another highlight, scenic enchanting music, a piece of absolute beauty, a greatest piece.
Different sound for “Prach Králů” and “Hlas Uvnitř”  in which the heavy style is more present and vivid. Two both good tracks
Closing this incredible album, there is the solemn piece “Dimitto Tibi”, another picturesque track in which music and voices draw deep arabesque musical, an excellent piece made of folkloristic, gloomy and heavy atmosphere, just the best piece to end “Za Hradbami Času”.
A very good album, it’s worthy of the utmost attention from Symphonic Power Metal fans, great work from Rosa Nocturna.

Valeria Campagnale



Rosa Nocturna  “Vím, co jsi zač” Official Lyric Video