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Band: Resurgence
Title: Voices
Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Release date;  28th of January


01. Envy
02. Black Arrow
03. Falling Out
04. Fatal Behaviour
05. Punkwave
06. Astrotraveller
07. Honoured & Trusted
08. Rock Island
09. Walk Away
10. Game Over
11. Total Control


Joshua Ratcliff - Vocals
Nick Townsend - Drums
Giovanni Demasi - Bass
Vincent Chaber - Guitar
Jason Mowle - Guitar

Resurgence New South Wales band self-released the debut album 'Voices' on the 28th of January, a heavy rock work with which the band entertains us with a mix of punk, hard and metal sound.
Resurgence overwhelms us with the openness of the record, "Emily" is a track quite well intertwined between punk and a decidedly heavy mood, catchy choruses and a clear and powerful voice. Excellent guitars and rhythm section.
The heavy sounds continue in "Black Arrow" with powerful riffs and strong drums, a homogeneous combination of metal and rock, a track in which the vocalisation resonates aggressive but at the same time melodic.
Beautiful bass in "Falling Out" and also in this track the band takes us through a sound halfway between a hard rock blood and a more stoner sound.
"Fatal Behaviour" takes up the initial wave and we are in front of a song in which the vocals are clearer and the guitars show some interesting riffs as well as the beautiful solo, good work for the two guitarists Vincent Chaber and Jason Mowle.
"Punkwave", the title says it all, inspired by a classic punk the Resurgence guys give us a song of intense punk that despite the original style, with short and intense and shameless songs, this song is characterized by a well rhythmic structure in which the guitars go hand in hand with the rhythm marked by Nick Townsend on drums, beautiful, a fresh song and very catchy.
Here I am in front of the song that in my opinion is the most characteristic of the album, "Astrotraveller", a dark atmosphere and a deep voice that takes over the reins of the song. Joshua Ratcliff accompanies us inside the song itself between a musicality that could remind us of Black Sabbath's echoes but proposing the style in a personal way and keeping a darkness that varies in the sounds between a classic metal and a hard'n' heavy rock, let's add a pinch of sounds mixed with stoner and dark and the song manages to take a characteristic shape.
Beautiful song, intense and full-bodied that manages to emerge among the songs proposed.
More aggressive and powerful is the following "Honoured & Trusted", still an excellent sound for a band that manages to surprise track by track, good the guitar that remind me Adrian Smith’ style.
Do we have any rock? Of course we do and we find it in "Rock Island", where the skills of the guitarists stand out again, a massive and explosive rock.
In the darkest lands again with ""Walk Away"", a massive sound, a well-defined bass by Giovanni Demasi, gloomy atmosphere for a piece that emphatically proposes a metal in full style and with growl voice that alternates with a more melodic tone.
An approach to thrash metal for "Game Over" that then intertwines with a more harmonious sound and then to swing between big and powerful riffs and a stunning drums, so interesting this song as well.
Last track “Total Control”  continues to follow the same line as the previous track but with a more hard rock approach while remaining within a metallic sound but basically prone to a shading more oriented towards rock.
“Voices” is without a doubt a variety of styles that blend together to give us a bad and heavy sound, a totally natural approach for Resurgence band.
A talented band, it must be said, that with this debut album manages to involve both for the proposal itself, both for the talent that these guys show they have.

Valeria Campagnale