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Band: Rat Rod
Title: Light Em Up
Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: 1st June 2019


01. Lighting Strikes
02 American Rock and Roll
03 Light Em Up
04 Memphis Belle
05 Peacemaker (Ballad of Tombstone)
06 Sleep with the Saints
07 Lone Wolf Rider
08 Hell and Back
09 Come with Me
10 Turn the Heat Up
11 My Disease

Mike Smith: Vox
Mark McCarty: Lead Guitar
Matt Flanigan: Rhythm Guitar
Elliott Howard:Drums
LilJon: Bass

“Light Em Up” is the brand new album by Rat Rod, after  “Do You Remember Rock N’ Roll”,  the band is back new eleven rocking’ tracks with an old-school flavor that they can fully convince of.
Do you know the good healthy rock without so many frills, straightforward and direct? Well, "Light Em Up" is exactly that.
At first listening I immediately thought about the Quireboys and the Black Crows in a much more aggressive version and listening to it again, I remain of this opinion.Starting from the raucous and warm voice of the vocalist Mike Smith, right for the musicality that the band offers to the good guitars, passing through the very strong rhythm section.
The opener “Lighting Strikes” shows exactly the soul of the album, and even if very good, of rock'n'roll discharges will give others in the choir of the album, like the second track "American Rock and Roll".
In fact, with the latter you really have the feeling of being transported along those long and wide American roads full of dust, perhaps riding a Harley. The feeling is this, 100% American rock, a lot of passion and a musicality that doesn't stop for a moment, beautiful the guitar solo.
The title track "Light Em Up" follows the rhythm of the previous track and we let ourselves be carried along the road of rock along with Red Rod, a voice that always manages to maintain a good level modulating warm tones to a sung acidulous but powerful style AC / DC, so to speak.
It starts again great with "Memphis Belle", very 80's as well as the whole album, aggressive and powerful. We are already at the fourth track of this album and so far no failure, the band stands up to the sound with a crazy groove in this track.
"Peacemaker(Ballad of Tombstone)" with the title you immediately think about the classic ballad and instead no, it's not, it's absolutely not, it's another piece of pure and raw rock and I would say well done. As always the six strings emerge, or should I say 12... by Mark McCarty and Matt Flanigan, another great piece!
"Sleep with the Saints" is a song more 'pandering' and catchy than the previous one, scratching and with a more festive mode a bit glamorous, well-placed groove, Rat Rod band knows exactly how to earn attention.
If you're not satisfied with the previous track, there's the tough "Lone Wolf Rider" and here we go back to the long dusty road on the bike, between blues and hard rock ingredients, the very raw one we like so much.
Want more? Well there's plenty, this time between punk and sleaze with "Come with Me" and if I were you, I would definitely follow this band because it's a healthy rocker!
Another track, another round of merry-go-rounds with "Turn the Heat Up", with a nice guitar and drums intro, opens this track with wild and raw knowledge, dripping hard rock from all sides.
Another song, another round of merry-go-rounds with "Turn the Heat Up", with a nice guitar and drums intro, opens this song with wild and raw knowledge, dripping hard rock on all sides.
Thrilling guitars and a terrifying bass line, for the closing track "My Disease", which summarizes everything we've heard so far, a resolute band that does not give rise to doubts about how much rock lives in first person.
“Light Em Up” is such a great album, I'm sure that once you get to the last track, you'll listen to the it again and again, I know you’ll do it, thanks to bands with Rat Rod, the rock will continue to live.


Valeria Campagnale


 Rat Rod - "Peacemaker (Ballad of Tombstone)"  Lyric Video